Best 8 NEET PG Books Recommended By The Experts


Best 8 NEET PG Books Recommended By The Experts: NEET-PG (National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test POST GRADUATION) is the most talked about entrance exam in the field of medicine.

It is always confusing for students preparing for their Post Graduate (PG) medical entrance exams like NEET PG about which books to refer. As these PG entrance exams are based on Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) classic medical textbooks may not be of too much use. They should also refer the online material from the portal –

The NEET PG exam pattern is basically MCQ (multiple choice questions) both with and without images. There is a subject-wise MCQ break-up of various subjects like – Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, ENT, Pathology, Ophthalmology etc.

Your NEET PG preparation starts from your MBBS and internship itself. Just before the examination, you cannot read so many books. You need to have a strong base throughout your MBBS as the numbers of subjects are more, especially microbiology. It’s simply not done separately at a later date just before the NEET PG entrance examination; hence it’s better to refer the NEET PG Online Mock Test.

According to Dr. Sumer Sethi, Director of Delhi Academy of Medical Sciences, the focus should be on concepts and thorough knowledge of the facts. In the last couple of years, very few repeat questions have been asked and, hence, the traditional approach of reading ten-year papers might not work. Also, from now, the paper may have more one-liner and visual questions based on ECG’s, CT Scans, USGS, instruments, and histology.

Don’t waste too much time on medicine as there are few MCQs from there, hence it’s better to concentrate on those subjects that provide you more marks. The field of microbiology is important as it deals with microorganisms which are causative agents of disease and also as important contributors to food production, antibiotic manufacture, vaccine development, and environmental management.

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Students should strategically prepare for the entrance exam and focus should be on the concepts and one should have a thorough knowledge of facts. The best strategy is hard work and practicing as many question papers as possible and attempting NEET PG Online Mock Test. For NEET PG preparation aspirants may start their preparation during or after their internship. Minimum of 2,000 hours of dedicated study is needed to prepare for the NEET PG exam and these 2,000 hrs can be covered in 8-12 months for an average student and attempting NEET PG Online Mock Test at the online on the portal –

The traditional approach of reading ten-year papers might not work. Students should also expect image-based questions which are, generally from Microbiology.

Best 8 NEET PG Books Recommended By The Experts are as below:-

  • Robbins for pathology
  • Harrison for medicine
  • Davidson for medicine
  • Bailey for surgery
  • Williams for Obstetrics And Gynecology
  • Nelson for pediatrics
  • Lippincott for biochemistry
  • Ganong for physiology

The above books are concise and on point. NEET PG test series online provides tests with authentic questions, real exam simulation, image-based MCQs, answer keys. You can find here NEET PG sample questions, NEET PG Mock tests, NEET PG previous year question papers.

Find the number of subjects and their weightage to prepare for the NEET PG Online Mock Test:


Weightage of Number of Questions

Anatomy 15
Physiology 15
Biochemistry 15
Pharmacology 20
Microbiology 20
Pathology 25
Forensic Medicine 10
Social And Preventive Medicine 15
Medicine. Dermatology And Venereology 37
Surgery, Ent, Orthopedics and Anesthesia 46
Radiodiagnosis And Radiotherapy 12 (6+6)
Obstetrics And Gynaecology 25
Pediatrics 15
Ophthalmology 10
Psychiatry 10



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