How To Study Social and Preventive Medicine for NEET PG 2018

How To Study Social and Preventive Medicine for NEET PG 2018?

Save from what? What did you think before entering MBBS? A dream of 7-star home

and 6-star hospital! Lots of money!

It’s Compulsory Rural Service!

A career in medicine is entirely different from many civilian careers. Here you are exposed to pain, suffering from mankind and you have to brace yourself to sail through it.

You have to alleviate pain, prevent suffering and cure diseases. Simply put, your work has the entirely different job description. If it demands extra effort and less luxury, more discomfort, and then be prepared to go through it. A policeman is policeman 24X7, a soldier is soldier 24X7 and their life is much more difficult than a doctor’s life.

In a country of 1,200,000,000 people, 45,000 doctors are produced every year. That means ONE new doctor is being produced every year for approximately 27,000 people.

Our villagers are your customers, clients, the bulk of them. To go to their doorstep is not bad because it gives you an insight into their customs, beliefs, living conditions, food habits, social interaction, economy, you simply peep into their lives.

And if you develop a rapport, you end up making a lifelong business relationship. PLUS they contribute to taxes, which is spent on your education and for this simple reason they deserve it.

You will be delivering primary care and you will learn about your likings and aptitudes/attitudes. PLUS this will be an adventure too.