Clinical pharmacology as a specialty is well placed to ensure that decision making is cost-effective and rationalized. NEET DM CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY is an exciting and tremendously varied specialty; the core role of a clinical pharmacologist is to improve the care of patients through the safe and effective use of medicines. This wide remit combines clinical practice with development and implementation of new therapies and training.

Twenty-one years ago, a WHO study group formulated the principles of clinical pharmacology. Since then, it has become an established medical discipline in a number of countries.


Candidates will be tested on the following functional and conceptual basis in the NEET DM CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY entrance exam:

Clinical pharmacology is a medical discipline which, on a scientific basis, combines pharmacological and clinical expertise with the ultimate goal of improving efficacy and safety in the clinical use of drugs. The central role of drug therapy in many fields of medicine is the background for establishing clinical pharmacology as a separate discipline. The significance of CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY in the modern drug therapy its availability for the treatment of infections, cardiovascular diseases, neuropsychiatry disorders and certain malignant diseases.

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