What Is The Best Way To Prepare For NEET PG 2018

What Is The Best Way To Prepare For NEET PG 2018

Don’t Give Up – Hard work, dedication and concentration will help you to get success in the all India level Medical Entrance Exam NEET PG 2018. Being a dropper or skipping a year for NEET PG does not matter at all; you have to study wisely and put 100% hard work this time to score good marks in NEET PG 2018.

After dropping the NEET PG attempt, you have to make a study schedule where you have to ensure to study for at least 8–9 hours daily and practice as many questions as much as possible. And more importantly you need to motivate yourself every day to keep focused. Also your marks in NEET 2017 don’t matter anymore and it’ll be much better if you let go off the recent past and focus on what lies on your way ahead.

Being a dropper, you might as well have an idea as to how the paper is set, what are the important bits, how is the feeling on the day of the paper and so on.

Identify your Shortcomings:

In order to get success in the medical entrance exam NEET PG 2018, students need to analyze their strengths and weaknesses and plan a systematic method to make the most out of them. You need to build a strong roadmap to gradually eliminate or minimize the impact of such limitations.

Time Management:

Time management is a main factor for cracking any competitive exams. Create a timetable and a timeline for preparation and revision and work towards its strict execution right from day one.

National Board of Education (NBE) has announced the entrance exam NEET PG Exam is on January 7, 2018 for admission to various MD/MS, and PG Diploma Courses.

Therefore you may plan for your success as follows: You have to complete your syllabus by November-December, and give time for practice tests and solving question papers. By the next 5 months or so, you have to be done with your portion at least once, without skipping pages of your notes. Also, you have to solve practice tests and test series questions as and when you complete the respective chapter. In the next two months, when the fresher’s will be busy studying for boards, you might as well want to solve as much as possible in those months.

Question Banks and Mock Test Papers:

Get past years question papers and additional question papers from question bank and try to solve all the questions with effective approach methods. Teach easy tips and tricks to solve questions easily and faster.

While attempting mock tests stick to the time limit and complete the question paper within time frame. If u feel particular subject is more difficult, then give it extra time during the test and work on that area later. Regularly challenging yourself and identifying your shortcomings is the best study strategy to crack NEET PG 2018 entrance exam with good score.

Additional Reference Books:

At this stage don’t pick additional reference books for your preparation. Because referring too many reference books make you more confusing and complicate your approach technique. Just follow the reference books what you used on previously.

Using shortcuts in exam is mandatory, as there will be time limit to mess around with derivation and stuff. Get good grip over your concepts, and keep the momentum steady, as you don’t usually get second chances in life!

Lastly, don’t overburden yourself. You are going to cherish the recent years of your struggle later on.

Good luck preparing! Cheers!

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