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Aiims Surgery Oneliners 2019…The New Challenge

Aiims Surgery Oneliners 2019….The New Challenge All subjects Medicine, Surgery, Anatomy, Physiology ……..  Will have a new dimension. That is the One liners with Appropriate answers from you. All Aiims Pg students for the year 2019 should know how to answer. It is not only MCQs now that would be …

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Paediatrics AIIMS 2019 single liners, A new concept in AIIMS PG 2019

Paediatrics AIIMS 2019 single liners. A new concept in AIIMS PG 2019 It used to be best of four MCQs for AIIMS Neet PG Exams. Aiims has come up with newer methods of checking student’s ability. They are trying to increase the Talent hunt specificity. Newer Examination Pattern involving Reason …

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