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Aiims Surgery Oneliners 2019…The New Challenge

Aiims Surgery Oneliners 2019….The New Challenge

All subjects Medicine, Surgery, Anatomy, Physiology ……..  Will have a new dimension. That is the One liners with Appropriate answers from you. All Aiims Pg students for the year 2019 should know how to answer.

It is not only MCQs now that would be asked. There is much more. Taking these single liner questions. They will test your ability to arrive at the appropriate answers. Mcqs had the drawback that students would them right by luck also. Here no such chance arises.

As we are aware that surgery is a major branch and many questions are asked from it , students preparing for aims should be well prepared in surgery.

Examples of these new type Questions are:

  1. Most common site of Morgagni hernia:
Ans. Right anterior
  1. A 55 year old developed intense pain and inflammation of Scrotal Sac and diagnosed with Fourniers Gangerene. It is usually caused as a result of :
Ans. Polymicrobial infection
3.. A 55 year old Patient in intense pain in abdomen in a wave like fashion described as having positive Cullens sign would suggest :
Ans. Pancreatic inflammation
  1. Esophageal Webs and spoon shaped nails coexist in :
Ans. Patterson Kalley Brown Syndrome
  1. In Acute Abdomen Psoas sign is associated with:
Ans. Appendicititis
  1. In a 66 year old patient with heart disease of long standing duration with severe abdominal pain and evidence of thumb printing Radiologically indicates:
Ans. Ischemic colitis
  1. Ransons criterion is applied for
Ans. Pancreatitis
  1. An elderly patient whose Plain abdominal roentgenograms reveals marked distention of the cecum as well as small bowel dilatation. Barium enema classically reveals the narrowing accompanying the twisting of the colon (so- called bird’s neck deformity). Most likely cause is:
Ans. Volvolus
  1. Aniridia with macroglossia. Most likely cause would be:
Ans. Wilms tumor
  1. A 30 year old female on OCPS develops sudden onset abdominal pain with tachycardia and hypotension. No history of trauma. Blood coagulation profile is within normal limits. Most likely cause would be:
Ans. Bleeding from ruptured hepatic adenoma

These are difficulty level 1 Questions meaning very simple questions. They are not Brain Teasers but just t give our students an idea what can be asked.

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