Anatomy Tips for NEET PG 2018

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Studying Anatomy seems to be relatively tough for NEET PG

Studying Anatomy seems to be relatively tough for NEET PG as it is a Vast Subject. Many sections to be studied like Upper limb, Lower limb, Thorax, Abdomen, Pelvis, Head, and Neck as well as Neuro Anatomy including Histology as well as Embryology.

Questions are also asked from Surgery, ENT, Gynaeobstretics, Orthopedics as well as Radiology based on Anatomy.

Anatomy turns out to be a major subject for NEET PG and a Student preparing for NEET can expect a lot of questions from Anatomy.

Questions are based on Development of organs in Embryology. In histology, Questions are based on Type of Epithelium, Microscopic details of Organs as well as Image Based Questions.

Neet Histology questions based on terms like Hassals corpuscles, Kuffer cells, Crescents of Gianuzzi, Brenner’s glands, Glands of Moll, Descemet’s Membrane are usually asked in Neet examination.

In regional Anatomy, one expects a lot of Questions especially from Abdomen, Head and Neck and Neuroanatomy.

Questions are usually asked about Nerve lesions, Arterial blood supply, Vascular lesions of Brain, Coronary circulation, Portal venous system, Blood supply of GIT.

Eponymous Names pertaining to Anatomy are frequently asked like Vein of Galen, Bateson’s Plexus, Meckels Ganglion, Hubners Artery, Charcot’s Artery, Cave of Retzius, Morrisons Pouch, Pouch of Douglas, Waldeyers Fascia and Sibsons Fascia.

In Surgery Questions based from Anatomy are frequent like Superior Mesenteric artery Syndrome, PICA Syndrome, Medial Medullary Syndrome, Pontine Stroke,

A comprehensive Knowledge of Anatomy is Very Important and Basic Ingredient for Students to Succeed in NEET PG.

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