Best Reference Books for NEET PG – NEXT Topics

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Best Reference Books for NEET PG – NEXT Topics

 Be it NEXT Exams or NEET PG , Medical students have to prepare the best way. Be it any exam  MRCP, USMLE or Latest NEXT Exams as proposed by NMC, a fundamental Concept is very essential along with acquisition of necessary Skills.

That cannot be learnt from MCQ Books. Standard references are a must. That is why most of the Best students who get Top ranks still advise to go through Standard Content and Books.

Our Experts Came across some Repeated and High Yield Topics and Important Recommendations. You are suggested to read these topics along with books mentioned . 

Important Topics and Books  in Gynaecology Obstetrics are: 

  • Choriocarcinoma (Ref: Dutta Obstetrics, Williams)
  • Fibroid uterus(Ref: Dutta Obstetrics, Williams,)
  • Sheehan’s syndrome(Ref: Dutta Obstetrics, Williams, Platinum notes)
  • Ethacrydine extra aminiotic(Ref: Dutta Obstetrics, Williams,)
  • MgSo4(Ref: Dutta Obstetrics, Williams, Platinum notes)
  • Ca Endometrium(Ref: Dutta Obstetrics, Williams,)
  • Dysgerminoma(Ref: Dutta Obstretics,Williams)

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Important Topics and Books  in  Pathology are:

  • Turner syndrome (Ref Ganong)
  • Cyclin A (Ref Robbins)
  • Opsonisation (Ref Robbins Basic Pathology)
  • B-cell lymphoma (Ref Robbin’s)
  • Fibromatosis (Ref Robbins  )
  • Osteosarcoma (Ref Robb)
  • Osteoclastoma (Ref John Ebnezer’s Orthopedics Textbook)
  • Sarcoidosis (Ref Dvorak’s Pathology )
  • Struge weber syndrome ( Ref:    Robbins Pathology,Price Medicine,Harrisons medicine,)
  • Blooms Syndrome (Ref: Harrisons Medicine, Robbins Medicine, CMDT)
  • Cresentric Glomerulonephritis (Ref: Harrisons Medicine, Kaplan Medicine, Oxford Medicine)
  • Congestive spleenomegaly (Ref: CMDT, Robbins Pathology,  Harrisons Medicine,)
  • Ewings Sarcoma (Ref: CMDT, , Harrisons Medicine, Baileys Surgery, Kaplans surgery)
  • Thyroid Carcinoma(Ref: CMDT, ,Harrisons Medicine, Aids to USMLE II)

Important Topics and Books  in  Medicine are:

  • RPGN (Ref:Harrison ,CMDT,)
  • Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency(Ref:Harrison ,CMDT,)
  • Hepatic adenoma(Ref:Harrison ,CMDT,
  • MBP, Major basic protein(Ref: Harrison, CMDT)
  • AFP (Ref Robbins ) (Ref:Harrison ,CMDT)

Bronchial carcinoma (Ref: Harrison, CMDT)

  • Cytokeratin: (Ref: Harrison, CMDT, Platinum Notes)
  • Rhabdomyosarcoma (Ref: Harrison, CMDT)
  • p53 (Ref Robbins )

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Important Topics and Books  in  Pediatrics  are

  • Henoch Schonelin  purpura(Ref:OP Ghai, Nelson Paediatrics,)
  • Lactase deficiency (Ref:OP Ghai, Nelson Paediatrics,)
  • Unilateral renal dysplasia(Ref:OP Ghai, Nelson Paediatrics,)
  • Vesicoureteral reflux induced pyelonephritis(Ref:OP Ghai, Nelson Paediatrics,)
  • DTPA renogram(Ref:OP Ghai, Nelson Paediatrics,)
Remember to go through these Topics nicely with Consultation of Books Provided. They happen to be High Yield Topics and frequently asked. We have Made an Analysis  of other  Subjects as well. To be updated with Latest Visit