#Best Strategies for NEET PG Preparation 2018-2019

NEET PG Preparation 2018-2019


 Be serious for your studies:

It is important not to be casual about your study pattern. Take things seriously in view of strong competition.

Start at Right Time:

Never be too early to start with or too late. Premature as well as Post mature babies don’t do well. Normal Gestational period for studies is important. Best time to prepare is start of Internship. Have at least 10-12 months of Preparation.

 Practice as many Questions as Possible

Best Q Banks and Best books are important. Read from original Sources with   Standard references. Standard books are always nice to take reference from.

Study Regularly and Consistently

Never have a rough graph of your studies. It should be a flat line  . There should not be long rest periods of weeks and then abrupt spikes. (  6-8 hour) daily pattern  with deep concentration should be fine for average students.

 Do not Overdo

Don’t read too many books. Concentrate on few selected Top Books. You may lose your way   if you don’t focus. This may lead you to severe depression and fatigue. Stay focused on Important and Best Matter.

Make a plan

Chalk out a strategy of what to study and when. Start preferably with Preclinical subjects   followed by paraclinical and Clinical   Subjects. Attend to Ward Rounds regularly. You learn a lot in Rounds. Learn   to view Radiographs, Interpret Reports and Case Giles. You will easily learn Clinical Concepts. Attend Seminars and Webinars.

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