Best Text Books for NEET PG 2020: Clinical Subjects

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Best Text Books for NEET PG 2020: Clinical Subjects

Best Reference Text Books for NEET PG 2020: Clinical Subjects


NEET PG Variability

Students   in NEET PG   appear from all States of India. Different states have many Medical Colleges with different standards. Students also differ in their Standards. We cannot generalize either the Standard of Different Medical Colleges  in Different States nor the Standards of Students.

On the Whole Toppers are from different states indicating role of Personal efforts as well as role of Institutions they study.

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The overall opinion of toppers and students who get good ranks is that having read standard text books is the best. Students studying main Text books have a better depth of Subjects and fare well in MCQ Examinations.

The best NEET PG aspirants are those who have studied main Text books well in their MBBS Era. That helps them a lot in getting better rank. Toppers read standard Text books


Harrison’s Medicine, Davidson Medicine, Bailey in Surgery, Robbins in Pathology is the backbone of PG Preparation. Any students     having   studied these books are greatly helped in their Examinations.

Taking a book like Harrison as an example, we can see that most MQS from medicine are eventually from Harrisons Medicine. Even the References are taken from Medicine.

Most MCQ Books take Lines from Harrison and put explanations from Harrisons as well. It means that the end result is that Harrison is the vital point. One cant afford not to read Topics from Medicine from Harrisons .

Though being a Foreign book Harrisons has maintained a standard of Reference for Medicine and NEET PG Studies.

The impact of reading and revising important topics from Harrisons or other Standard text books is great. WE cannot afford to miss out on these Standards.

Even if we get Tough Questions, Students having studied standard books would fare better.


We need students to be more Examination Oriented. NEET PG is getting Competitive with each passing Year. So need for Better Performance.


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