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Changes in NEET SS Exam Pattern 2018 & NEET SS Study Pattern 2018

NEET SS Exam pattern 2018

In India, NEET-SS are an eligibility-cum-ranking examination and the gateway entrance examination for all Superspeciality DM/MCh courses for various post graduation courses. As per the Indian Medical Council (Amendment) Act, 2016 w.e.f. 2017 admission session.

For getting admissions in DM/M.Ch. Courses under various Universities/Institutions in the country, NEET-SS is compulsory. No other entrance examination shall be valid for entry to DM/MCh Courses, either at state or institution level.

Below are the Changes in NEET SS Exam Pattern 2018:

  • The latest notification, dated February 2, 2018, indicates a few major changes in NEET SS 2018. Now candidates can choose a maximum of two NEET-SS courses and qualify for the broad specialty for which they are eligible.
  • The new pattern of examinations that 40% of the questions shall be from the feeder broad specialty course and the remaining 60% shall be from the super specialty course selected.
  • Another change is that NBE may club certain super specialties in which the numbers of seats offered are less.

NEET SS Study Pattern 2018

NEET SS is the single/direct pathway to all DM medicine super specialties.

Below table gives you the details about Super Specialty Courses you can get admitted to after clearing the prior requirements:

Super Specialty Courses
Course Name Course Type Prior Requirement
Clinical Pharmacology DM MD /DNB (Pharmacology)
Clinical Haematology DM MD /DNB (General Medicine)
MD /DNB (Pathology)
MD /DNB (Paediatrics)
MD /DNB (Biochemistry)
Pulmonary Medicine DM MD /DNB (General Medicine)
MD /DNB (Paediatrics)
MD /DNB (Respiratory Medicine)
Neuro Radiology DM MD /DNB (Radio-Diagnosis)
Nephrology DM MD /DNB (General Medicine)
MD /DNB (Paediatrics)
Neonatology DM MD /DNB (Paediatrics)
Medical Oncology DM MD /DNB (General Medicine)
MS /DNB (Radiotherapy)
MD /DNB (Paediatrics)
Medical Gastroenterology DM MD /DNB (General Medicine)
MD /DNB (Paediatrics)
Cardiology DM MD /DNB (General Medicine)
MD /DNB(Paediatrics)
MD /DNB(Respiratory Medicine)
Neurology DM MD /DNB (General Medicine)
MD /DNB (Paediatrics)
Rheumatology DM MD /DNB (General Medicine)
MD /DNB (Paediatrics)
Endocrinology DM MD /DNB (General Medicine)
MD /DNB (Paediatrics)
Clinical Immunology DM
Pul. Med. & Critical Care Med. DM MD/DNB (Paediatrics)
MD/DNB (General Medicine)
MD/DNB (Respiratory Medicine)
Cardiac-Anaes. DM MD /DNB (Anaesthesia)
Hematology Pathology/Hematopathology DM
Medical Genetics DM MD/MS/DNB in any subject
Hepatology DM MD /DNB (General Medicine)
MD /DNB (Paediatrics)
Pediatric Gastroenterology DM MD /DNB (Paediatrics)
Pediatric Cardiology DM MD /DNB (Paediatrics)
Pediatric Nephrology DM MD /DNB (Paediatrics)
Pediatric Oncology DM MD /DNB (Paediatrics)
Geriatric Mental Health DM MD /DNB (Psychiatry)
Organ Transplant Anaesthesia & Critical Care DM MD/DNB (Anaesthesia)
Critical Care Medicine DM
Pediatric Hepatology DM MD /DNB (Paediatrics)
Paediatric and Neonatal Anaesthesia DM MD/DNB (Anaesthesia)
Infectious Disease DM
Interventional Radiology DM MD/DNB (Radiodiagnosis)
Hand Surgery M.Ch.
Gynecological Oncology M.Ch. MD/MS/DNB (Obst. & Gynae)
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery M.Ch. MS /DNB (General Surgery)
Hepato Pancreato Biliary Surgery M.Ch. MS /DNB (General Surgery)
Urology M.Ch. MS /DNB (General Surgery)
Endocrine Surgery M.Ch. MS /DNB (General Surgery)
Vascular Surgery M.Ch. MS /DNB (General Surgery)
Cardio Vascular and Thoracic Surgery M.Ch. MS /DNB (General Surgery)
Neuro Surgery M.Ch. MS /DNB (General Surgery)
Paediatric Surgery M.Ch. MS /DNB (General Surgery)
Surgical Gastroenterology/G.I. Surgery M.Ch. MS /DNB (General Surgery)
Surgical Oncology M.Ch. MS /DNB (General Surgery)
MS /DNB (Orthopaedics)
MD /DNB (Obst. & Gynae.)
Thoracic Surgery M.Ch. MS /DNB (General Surgery)
Head and Neck Surgery M.Ch. MS/DNB (E.N.T.)
MS/DNB (General Surgery)
M.Ch/DNB(Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery)
M.Ch/DNB (Surgical Oncology)
M.Ch./DNB(Neuro Surgery)
Reproductive Medicine & Surgery M.Ch. MD/MS/DNB (Obst. & Gynae)

Candidates need to prepare a schedule in which they have to complete the NEET-SS syllabus approximately and then they can easily revise the whole syllabus once or twice.