Difficult Questions for NEET PG and NEET Superspeciality 2018-2019


Which ones???????

On studying the pattern of NEETPG Exams , The questions are asked on different aspects.

The difficulty level varies among questions.

Some questions tend to be pretty simple

Others of moderate difficulty and some intentionally placed to make a real difference.

I mean really difficult

A little percentage of students get those very difficult questions right.

Bottom line is that a candidate should not get simple questions wrong.

Luck might play a role but very few candidates are lucky enough to have so much luck that luck can get them through.

Relying on mere luck would be a folly.

A detailed and in depth study would make a difference for NEETPG but for DM and MCh specialities , students don’t have time on their study and most super speciality aspirants complain of lack of proper time for study. However to overcome those difficulties, we at Med exams have provided a very basic module of study. We could see that super speciality candidates get basic subjects wrong. I mean Anatomy and Physiology based Questions for Mch and DM exams wrong.

So in the end easy questions turn out to be difficult.

What is recommended   is to have a basic concept of subjects? Otherwise preparation tends to be difficult.

 Mch Head and Neck  : Basic Concept Question

Wrongly answered by 60 Percent students


Pars Flaccida of the tympanic membrance is also called

  1. Reissner’s membrane
  2. Sharpnell’s membrane
  3. Basilar membrane
  4. Secondary tympanic membrane

Mch Head and Neck  : Basic Concept Question

Wrongly answered by 50 Percent students

Facial recess  is a pocket or recess  bounded by 

  1. Facial nerve medially
  2. Facial nerve laterally
  3. Facial nerve superiorly
  4. Facial nerve inferiorly


DM General Medicine : Basic Concept Question

Wrongly answered by 45 Percent students


In which of the following tissues is glucose transport into cells enhanced by insulin?

  1. Brain
  2. Lens
  3. Red blood cells
  4. Adipose tissue


DM General Medicine : Basic Concept Question

Wrongly answered by 55 Percent students


The following are true during photo transduction of rods and cones, except:

  1. Activation of transducin
  2. Activation of phosphodiesterase
  3. Increased intracellular c GMP
  4. Closure of Na+ channels

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