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DM Endocrinology 2019.

Is it Difficult to Prepare DM   Endocrinology 2019.

Absolutely Not 

Endocrinology is an exciting Branch and Favourite of some Physicans. DM  Endocrinology is moderately Competetive . But despite the fact  that preparation for NEET DM Endocrinology  would  seem to be difficult it is not that difficult to get through .  A student needs to have a motivation, positive attitude and right guidance  rather than a depressing guide.

MBBS, MD   and then DM in a sequence needs a bit of taking  and continuous preparation and study is always hectic. But despite that highly motivated doctors have passion for DM Endocrinology and One can’t underestimate obsession of  these doctors and they  would go to any extent for  achieving their goals to be called as DM Endocrinologists .


When to Start

Endocrinology is a vast subject  and for Gaining Best Concepts , One should begin prepration as early as possible  during his Md only . This helps a candidate to generate  a greater focus . In circusmstances not possible  prepration after Md  is also fine  but needs more consistent and sustained efforts.

NEET DM Aspirants  for DM Endocrinology  Examinations  need at least 8-10 months preparation time  before start of Examinations.

This cumbersome Preparation needs to  be   Goal oriented  and foccussed. Taking Standard Reference books for Very essential and  important and frequently asked topics is essential. One cant study  big  and full texts.

What is  mostly Asked

Questions in DM  Endocrinology are asked on All Aspects

  • Physiology of Secretion
  • ICU management of Endocrinological Emergencies
  • Latest Drugs : Antithyroid, Antidiabetics,
  • Physiology : Basic Concepts of Endocrine Glands
  • Genetic Association: Syndromes
  • Molecular level Physiology of Glandular Function
  • Management, Complications of Therapies
  • Drugs used in Endocrinology and their Mechanism of Action.

 Lately Asked Topics

  • Endocrinological Disorders : Gastrinoma, Somatostatinoma, VIPomas, Glucagonomas
  • Drugs like Cabergoline, Prolactin , Bromocriptine, quinagolide
  • Cancers: Medullary cancer thyroid, Pappilary cancer thyroid, Follicular cancer thyroid , Struma ovary
  • Diseases: Cushing diseases Hyperthyroidism, Hypoparathyroidism, Hyperparathyroidism, Hashimoto’s disease., Graves disease De quervians disease, DIDOMAD syndrome , Insulinoma, Pheochromocytoma, Conns Syndrome
  • Aldosterone, Renin, T3, T4, TSH, TRH
  • Syndromic Entities : Nelsons Syndrome, Empty sella syndrome, Conns Syndrome and Sheehans Syndrome
  • All hormones: ACTH, ADH, ANP, GH…………………..

 What To Do Eventually


Practice, Practice And Practice……………


DM Endocrinology Candidates should attempt Maximum number of Mcqs as possible. New Online Examinations provide the most Satisfying and the Best way of preparation. We don’t recommend book names for Preparation but it is always   best to have standard books by side and  read most frequently asked and important topics from standard texts.


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