DM Pulmonary medicine 2019-2020

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DM Pulmonary medicine 2019-2020

Preparation for DM pulmonary medicine

Pulmonary medicine as a superspeciality is an uncommon branch. Very few seats are available for this superspeciality. From Paper and Pencil Test, now the  NBE has started (CBT ) online Examinations for Pulmonary medicine and getting DM in this speciality is relatively more difficult than other branches.
Not much information is available on how to prepare pulmonary medicine as a NEET SS Superspeciality. In the absence of good books around students find it hard to prepare.
Firstly a DM Pulmonary Medicine Aspirant should know the Books to Study. Our Experts Recommend going through below-mentioned Books.

 Top Books for DM Pulmonary Medicine 

  • Principles of Pulmonary Medicine by Weinberg
  • Fishmans Pulmonary diseases
  • A practical approach to Pulmonary medicine
  • Washington manual of Respiratory diseases
  • Clinical methods in Respiratory medicine
  • Handbook of pulmonary and critical care medicine
  • Oxford Handbook of pulmonary medicine

 Supplement by :

  • Andersons Pathology (Respiratory System Only )
  • Harrison Medicine(Respiratory System Only )
  • Kumar Clarke Medicine(Respiratory System Only )
  • Medicine by P. Kalra (Respiratory System Only )

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 How are Students Tested in NEET DM Pulmonary Medicine EXAMS?

 Questions are based on 

  • Physiology of Respiratory System, Epithelium of Respiratory Tract, Scavenger Cells in the Respiratory Tract, Congenital Anomalies of Respiratory tract
  • Different types of Viral Respiratory diseases. RSV, Respiratory Pappliomatous disease, Mumps, Measles
  • Different Types of Respiratory  failure
  • Pulmonary Tuberculosis  and other Granulomatous Lung diseases
  • Common Questions on Silicosis ,Sarcoidosis, Pneumocytosis carinii, Pneumococcus, Types of Pleural  effusion , Paraneoplastic Lung Conditions , Occupational Lung Diseases
  • Pathogenesis of Respiratory Problems
  • New Drugs in Respiratory Medicine
  • Microbiology of Respiratory Pathogens
  • In depth Questions on Lung Cancers, Squamous cell cancers, Adenocarcinoma Lung, Small Cell cancers
  • Miscellaneous Topics like Histoplasmosis, Cystic fibrosis , Coccoidomycosis, COAD Asthma, Latest updates and Treatment Modalities , Assisted Ventilatation , Chlamydia pneumonia, Byssinosis , Berylliosis, Asthma, Latest updates and Treatment Modalities , Aspergillosis, ARDS , Anthracosis,  ABPA,Pneumonias , Lung Abscesses, Bronchiectasis, Kartageners Syndrome.
  • Treatment Options for Lung Cancers, Newer Drugs, Monoclonal Antibodies, Newer Antibiotics.

Our Advice for DM Pulmonology  Aspirants  would be  to take help of

  • Studying Best Books and Journals
  • Practicing Maximum number of Mock Questions
  • Keeping Yourself updated
  • Revising previously asked questions
  • Focussing on High Yield Information

Online Tests and Preparation Courses like  Med exams provides Best Platform to know your Status. Mock tests, as well as Preparation tests, provide you an insight into the examination. Students and Experts have made huge efforts to see how you can be best helped. Our Q Bank provides the Best Resource for preparing DM Pulmonary Medicine.

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