How to fare Well for NEET Mch Surgery Specialities in 2019

Prepration for Mch is not that easy.

Not to discourage aspirants, it needs a persistent effort, greater dedication, Much greater effort and   lesser intelligence  to qualify.

Many   Pg Surgery students feel they cant make  it because of their involvement in hospitals and Scarcity of time  for preparation in addition to other pressures of family , society and fatigue as a result of continuous hard study in previous years during their MBBS and Pg Studies.

But it needs a bit of more endurance on part of students to carry on  . Nothing is impossible an in current stage you need to have a long tail to support your Credentials ahead . Like MBBS, MS, MCh  .  It always looks good to have a Good Tail   to  your Name .

  • Dr Arun Mbbs  would not look good

  • Dr Arun Mbbs Ms  would be Better

  • Dr Arun MBBS Ms Mch would deliver an impact

Not only Cosmetically but People nowadays search   for Specialists and Having Superspeciality Tag would  always help.

The Preparation for Mch speciality needs a  well scheduled approach comprising of practising as many Mcqs as possible. The more one practices the better.

Big text books would work to your Disadvantage in view of Time. One doesn’t have the liberty to read much . Taking help of some smaller   standard Books would help. The recent upcoming of Online Examinations like Medexamsprep  would be a booster.
Most students nowadays go for online examinations . The Examinations provide a review of all subjects in a timely fashion best suited for Prepration . The matter is continuously  updated and from reliable sources.
A Mch Aspirant gets all at the tips of his fingers. Questions from all fields  Neurosugery, Plastic surgery, GI Surgery, Pediatric Surgery, Endocrine surgery, Head and Neck Surgery, Vascular surgery………in different modules and Packages are Available .
Students can choose their time, login any time, log out any time. They get their results , can compare their results and know where they stand. The online preparation puts the students at distinct advantage. 
We encourage students   not to get pshycologicaly depressed at vastness of Syllabus but find ways to simplify their preparation. Medexams offers solution for all Mch Branches.

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