“Important points for Success for NEET PG -2018”

“Important points for Success for NEET PG 2018”

We at medexamsprep.com collected lots of information on how to succeed. We compiled that following are the points which a Student needs to Keep in Mind.
  • Pray to God /Almighty for Success
  • Seek Blessings from your Parents
  • Develop Positive Attitude right from Beginning (Start to End of Exams)
  • Motivate Yourself in MidTerm .
  • Prepare a Well Defined Schedule for Prepration right from beginning .
  • Divide Time For your Subjects Appropriately (Don’t Give too much/ undesired Importance to any particular subject)
  • Don’t Study too many books which you cant Revise.
  • Ideally MBBS Students Don’t need to go to Coaching Centres. (Wastage of time)
  • Don’t Overstress yourself too much. Avoid Anxious/undesirable Situations). Goal is to Pass NEET with Top Ranking.
  • Keep Reminding yourself of Objective.
  • Dont Prepare for Too many Examinations Simultaneously(PLAB, USMLE, NEET). All Examinations are different .
  • Use a Combination strategy (Text Books+ MCQ Books+ Online Courses)
  • Practice Mock Tests during last 4-6 months Vigorously
  • Have Patience. Patience always Wins.

Wishing our NEET PG aspirants Best of Luck.

Medexamsprep Team

Always with You


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