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Latest Single Line Questions for AIIMS 2019

Latest Single Line Questions for AIIMS 2019

Aims Examinations are a different sort. High Standard ,Testing at multiple levels, Reasoning, True / False, MCqs all are tested. Concepts of Knowledge and Each Subject are thoroughly checked. Haven’t Single line Questions been added to the Exams. We at Med exams present you the prototype of such Questions as per Latest Guidelines.

The 2019 exams will be more Competitive and teasing. We provide you an opportunity to refresh the latest. Hope you enjoy them.

 An elderly alcoholic after heavy bout of drinking fell asleep with his arm hanging over back of chair. When he woke up in the morning he could not extend his wrist. Most likely Cause is:

   Ans. Saturday night palsy

 A 26 year old pregnant Patient developed intense pain and parasthesia
in the distribution of median nerve in her right hand. Next morning she
was unable to perform her typing job. Tinels test was reported
positive. The most likely cause is

Ans. Carpal tunnel syndrome

 Middle Meningeal artery is an important vessel. Tracing the course it
can be said correctly that Middle meningeal artery passes through:

Ans. Foramen spinosum

 Which one of the following arteries pierces the oblique popliteal
ligament of the knee joint?

Ans. Middle genicular artery

 The parafollicular cells (C cells) of the thyroid gland develop from
which pharyngeal pouch?

Ans. Fourth


 A labourer suffers from loss of initiation of abduction of shoulder joint
after he carried heavy loads on his back for three continuous days.
Most likely cause is: injury of:

Ans. Nerve of Bell

 A Boxer after having Vigorous preparation for four months loses his
punching and pushing power .His Orthopedician tells him that one of
his nerves is injured. Most likely cause of injury is:

Ans. Injury to nerve to serratus anterior

 A 44 year alcoholic male presents with pain in the whole of centre of
abdomen. This was followed by back ache. He vomited thrice and went
into a state of shock. Examination and Lab investigations later revealed
fever, leukocytosis, low blood calcium physical findings of generalized
peritoneal irritation. Liver Enzymes were normal but serum amylase
was elevated .The most likely diagnosis would be:

Ans. Pancreatitis

 An abdominal surgeon has to perform a Renal Surgery. He would find
that the arrangement of structures in the renal pelvis would be:

Ans. VAP

 Cortisol is secreted by:

Ans. Zona fasciculate


 The extracellular matrix is the complex, cross-linked structure of
proteins and polysaccharides that surrounds cells and organizes the
geometry of tissues. Collagen is the principal component of the
extracellular matrix. The rate-limiting enzyme in collagen synthesis is

Ans. Prolyl hydroxylase

 Testosterone production is mainly contributed by:

Ans. Leydig cells

 High mitotic activity with rapid cellular turnover and characteristic Starry sky“ appearance is seen in”:

Ans. Burkitt’s lymphoma

 A 44 year-old woman who takes alcohol heavily has the sudden onset
of severe abdominal pain with diffuse tenderness in all abdominal
quadrants, with marked guarding and muscular rigidity. An abdominal
CT scan reveals peritoneal fluid collections and decreased attenuation
along with enlargement of the pancreas. A diagnosis of pancreatitis is
made. Which of the following cellular changes is most likely to
accompany these findings?

Ans. Fat Necrosis.

These questions will surely help you in understanding the concept. That will

help you boost your chances of better rank. We hope that these revision

questions would be beneficial to you.

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