Latest Strategy for NEET PG, DM and MCh Preparation.

Latest Strategy for NEET PG, DM and MCh Preparation.-2018

  • No Single book is sufficient for any Subject or any examination.
  • No Single Strategy is Applicable to any Examination. For our Medical Graduates qualified after MBBS to appear for NEET PG Exams , we have no less than 20 subjects. It needs a great effort on the part of students to prepare for such Examinations.
  • Main Text book reading is very important for Basic and Strong hold on subjects. Indiviual Mcq books on every Subject are too tedious and difficult to revise with.
  • A student in the end cant revise such piled stocks of books wherein one book is so expanded that a lot of time gets waste.
  • Practicing Mcqs is a a key. The more the number of MCQs and Tests One takes the better it is.
  • Medexamsprep provides a unique subject wise platform to practice online. The questions are continuously updated as per Requirements. New questions added on Regular basis. All latest updates made available to student.
  • Students are given a chance to appear as per their desire, study at their own will.
  • Appear as per their schedule, Assess their performance as compared to their competitors.
  • Medexams is a pure medical portal with exoertise of some of leading Authors.
  • All specialities are effectively well prepared . Specialities like Anatomy, Pathology, Medicine, Surgery, Gynae obs are given in great detail. Emphasis on Paediatrics, SPM,Dermatology, Radiology and othe subjects is no less and goven weightage as per Exam Schedule.
  • Not only this Medexams provides Superspeciality Tests as well, Both DM as well as MCh. Almost all branches of these specialities are covered. DM General Medicine, DM Cardiology , DM Gastro , DM Pulmonary Medicine
  • DM Oncology , DM Critical Care Medicine , DM  Pediatrics, DM Rheumatology  , DM Genetics , DM Infectious diseases , DM  Clinical Pharmacology , DM  Immunology , DM Neurology.

 Among MCh Subjects we provide Mch General Surgery , Mch  Endocrine Surgery , Mch  NeuroSurgery , Mch Surgical Oncology   , Mch  Urology , Mch  Paediatric Surgery , Mch  Surgical GastroEnterology ,Mch  Vascular Surgery and Mch  Head and Neck Surgery .

  • With all this from our Observations Combined Test Books and Multipurpose MCQ books with Online Tests provide a Comprehensive Package for Ideal Preparation.
  • excels in the rankings and is one of the leading Medical Education Portals for NEET PGM NEET DM and NEET MCh Prepration.

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