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Mch Head and Neck Surgery 2019-2020.

Mch Head and Neck Surgery            2019-2020.

    The Guidelines


Mch Head and Neck is a challenging NEET SS Superspeciality and a favorite of many MS Surgeons. NEET SS Surgical comprises of examination in many branches. Head and Neck Surgery is one of them with a fair and moderate competition.

Students might initially think it is tough but there are smart ways to overcome most problems.

Head and Neck surgery combines a lot of topics like Ear, Nose , Throat, Neck, Skull, hearing, taste, olfaction but expect questions from  Oncological perspectives, Pediatric perspectives, Pulmonological perspectives, Emergency perspectives also.

Our program gives you an insight into real preparation, what needs to be read, what to read, important topics, precise explanations, Mock examinations.

Features of our online Programme for NEET Mch Head and Neck

  • Enhancing your knowledge by providing full range of questions on well organized topics.

  • Making you stay updated with the best in your speciality.

  • Should make you cover basics of your subject.

  • Provide an indepth review of your speciality

  • User friendly programme

  • Time friendly programme.

  • Inclusion of Quick review

  • Inclusion of Key points

  • Introducing Exam Pearls or Exam Secrets

  • Improve content knowledge


The main Content is taken from selected parts of

  • Sabiston, Schwartz, Bailey, S Das

  • Logan Turner, Maqbools ENT, Dhingra

  • Andersons Pathology

  • Diagnostic Histopathology of Tumours (ENT Part)

  • Robbins Pathology


Expectant Topics

There is no universal Rule which can let us know what will be asked. But based on our experts and Toppers, Questions are invariably asked from


  • Cleft palate, Cleft lip

  • Pediatric ENT Problems.

  • Pediatric Syndromes, Treacher Collins Syndrome, Perrie Robinson Syndrome

  • Arch Defects

  • Head and Neck Tumours , Chemodectoma, Thyroid malignancies, Hemangiomas

  • Treatment options

  • Cranial nerves. Surgical Anatomy of Head and Neck Region

  • Fascia colli, Neck spaces

  • Triangles of Neck


This is just a glimpse what we offer, Students should get benefitted Maximum by our courses. That is the Objective.

Hopefully we never intend to say that  We teach you . We provide conditions by which you learn.

We hope that our programme goes a long way in making you successful.

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