National Exit Examination Test-What is NEXT ??

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National Exit Examination Test

What is NEXT

The Indian Medical Education system is preparing itself for New Changes. The changes are going in a direction and the results and impact will be seen in coming times.
The MCI will be replaced by National Medical Commission (NMC) . Lots of changes in curriculum and methodology of teaching are already advised but the means to assess a medical student are also changing.

More important for a MBBS Graduate to know is

  • What is he being tested?

  • How is he to be tested.

  • How has he to prepare

  • What to read and how to read

National Exit test will be like Common Year Final MBBS Examination. It will be like a licensure examination for FPG Courses and FMG Students as well. Exactly like a screening test for FMGE Candidates. How the screening will take place, it is to be seen. All modalities will be clear in coming weeks and the next preparatory batch will have all information in advance. Many Students are known as FMG pursue their courses outside the country in other countries like Bangladesh, Ukraine, China, Russia ….For them, the same will be applicable as per initial information.

NEXT may be for Premier institutions liked AIIMS and other top institutions of Country as well.

  • It is emphasized that NMCwill ensure a transparent process and regulate fee in private medical colleges and reduce the fee for private medical admission, although final details are being worked out
  • NMC will take place of MCI (Medical Council of India) and it is to be seen what changes in the system can occur.
  • There will be both Undergraduate medical board and postgraduate medical Board which will regulate the UG and PG Courses with constant and keen observation.
  • The final Year MBBS exam will be held as a common examination throughout the country most likely. The same will be the Exit Test (National Exit Examination)
The same would be applicable to FMGS.
Our Experts will be keeping you updated with more information as it comes out.
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