NEET Anaesthesia Preparation

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NEET Anaesthesia Preparation

What to Expect in Anaesthesia for NEET PG 2019


Anesthesia is a small and minor subject for NEETPG preparation like ophthalmology, ENT, Radiology, and Dermatology. But a true and wise student would take it very seriously in order to get a good rank fully knowing that he cannot miss even a small part in view of great competition. For Examinees, there is no choice. One has to prepare all subjects. Nothing can be taken lightly. Many students may not like Anaesthesia as a subject but it needs to be well prepared. We expect 10-15 questions from this stream.

  • Is Anaesthesia interesting for NEET PG.
  • How many of you find it boring to prepare.
  • Is it an Easy to prepare Subject?
  • What to read

Sincerely Answer to these questions as per our experts is

Yes, Anaesthesia is interesting and not boring as expected by most. You should prepare it along with a major subject.

If you study anesthesia throughout a day you may get bored. So take one Major and One minor subject.

It is not tough but we can’t say it is easy as well.

Reading MCQ books would suffice along with online Tests


Are you aware of these 5 topics?


· Alcuronium

· anatomical dead space

· assessment of difficult intubation

· assist controlled ventilation

· Atracurium



Do you know about these 5 things?


· Boyle’s law

· breathing circuits

· capnography

· Charle’s law

· chloroform



What knowledge do you have about these 5   High Yield Topics?


· cis atracurium

· controlled mode ventilation (cmv)

· cyclopropane 

· d – tubocurare

· diffusion hypoxia (fink effect)


Don’t You Expect Questions fro these 5 Drugs?


· dobutamine

· doxacurium

· enflurane

· ethamivan

· gallamine



Aren’t these 5 Drugs important as NEET PG 2019 Questions


· pancuronium

· pipecuronium

· rapacuronium

· remifentanil

· rocuronium


Surely these are Topics of Immense importance in Anaesthesiology.

Do go through these topics. Our Experts recommend that we should have good knowledge of these subjects.

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