NEET DM Endocrinology Sample Questions 2018

NEET DM Endocrinology Sample Questions 2018

NEET DM Endocrinology Sample Questions 2018

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Sample Questions

A 32 year old male presents  with a months history of weight loss , tiredness and nausea . Lab features are suggestive of Hypoglycemia, hyponatremia, and hyperkalemia . Most likely Endocrinological Abnrmality is

  1. Cushings disease
  2. Conns disease
  3. Addisons disease
  4. Hyperthyroidism

For An Endocrinologist , Differential diagnosis of Hypercalcemia should include all except

  1. Familial hypocalciuric Hypercalcemia
  2. Hypothyroidism
  3. Rhabdomyolysis
  4. Sarcoidosis

Treatment and Management of Hypercalcemia includes:

  1. Diuretic with furosemide
  2. intravenous saline
  3. Mithiramycin
  4. All of Above

A 54 year old  male diabetic is administered excess units of insulin.  Hypoglycemia develops initilally  followed  by pre-breakfast hyperglycemia later. The condition in this male  patient is termed:

  1. Jod Basedows Phenomenon
  2. Somogymi effect
  3. Window Period
  4. Insulin Resistance Syndrome

A  33 year-old  male is diagnosed with thyroid cancer  . His Father was Hypertensive due to Phaeochromocytoma  . His family history is significant for thyroid cancer and pheochromocytoma in his father. Most Likely  he is having: 1.    DIDMOAD Syndrome2.    MEN I3.    MEN II4.    NF1

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