NEET DM Infectious Diseases Sample Questions 2018

NEET DM Infectious Diseases Sample Questions 2018

NEET DM Infectious Diseases Sample Questions 2018

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Sample Questions

A 45-year-old female who is on Antidiabetic drugs presents with creamy white patches on oral mucosa surrounded by a thin margin of erythema. Microscopic examination shows hyphae and growth in human serum at 37-degree Celsius show budding yeasts.  The probable cause is :

  1. Leukoplakia
  2. Blastomycosis
  3. Candidiasis
  4. Coccidioidomycosis

An 88-year-old male with diabetes who was a heavy smoker presents with high-grade fever and persistent cough.CXR reveals a cavity with an air-fluid level in Right lung. He would be benefited by:

  1. Clindamycin +Gentamycin
  2. Norfloxacin
  3. Erythromycin
  4. Amikacin + Gentamycin

Drugs are used to treat leprosy are all except :

  1. Clofazimine
  2. Dapsone
  3. Ofloxacin
  4. Pyrimethamine

Group A β hemolytic streptococcus was found to be one of the most common causative agents for Rheumatic Heart disease. The mechanism of action is:

  1. A result of immune suppression
  2. A result of Immune Evasion
  3. A result of Superantigen
  4. A result of immunological Hypersensitivity

A 55-year-old man who is admitted in ICU and was hypertensive with raised blood urea and Serum creatinine levels with  Rheumatic heart disease a week after having an Open heart surgery developed pain in the precordial area which was relieved by sitting forward. He has no history suggestive of any gastric problem. He was febrile as well. A friction rub was auscultated. The most likely cause is:

  1. Uremic pericarditis
  2. Restrictive cardiomyopathy
  3. Recurrent MI
  4. Postcardiotomy syndrome

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