NEET DM/ NEET Mch Preparation 2019…….. How to Get on Top

NEET DM/ NEET Mch Preparation 2019


How to Get on Top


Neet super speciality exams are the way for all DM and Mch courses in india. It is the Prime eligibility exam for MD and Ms Candidates applying for higher courses. MCI has placed this exam as basic eligibility. NBE conducts these exams as online Tests now.

Exams are standard with a good level of Competition.

Some branches are more competitive than Others.

A student should wisely balance between his taste and career opportunities.

Mch is super speciality exam for MS Surgeons. In India Mch is done in different branches like

  • Mch Neurosurgery

  • Mch Plastic Surgery

  • Mch Endocrine Surgery

  • Mch Paediatric Surgery

  • Mch Vascular Surgery

  • Mch GI Surgery

  • Mch Urology

Main books read by students in Surgery are

  • Sabiston

  • Schwartz

  • Bailey

  • S Das

  • Campbell

  • Schakelfords Surgery for GIT

  • Oxford Handbook of Surgery

  • Lasts Anatomy

Dm Exams are for MD Aspirants of Superspeciality

In India Dm is done in

  • Clinical Immunology

  • Gastroenterology

  • Cardiology

  • Medical oncology

  • Endocrinology

  • Paediatrics

  • Haematology

  • Genetics

  • Nephrology

Main Books read by Students of DM are:

  • Harrison

  • Cecil

  • Kumar Kotran

  • Medicine by Philip Kalra

  • Robbins Pathology (Adjunct)

  • Wintrobes Hematology

What is needed for a MD/MS Aspirant for Super speciality exam is


  • Constant hard work despite limited time.

  • Well planned strategy

  • Good Study in shortest possible time period.

  • Motivation and belief that nothing is tough.

  • Good Source of Information and Knowledge

  • Access to Best Content and Revision Material.


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