Plastic Surgery

Brief Introduction to Plastic Surgery for NEET Mch

Mch Plastic Surgery is the most fascinating, demanding and challenging Mch Programme. Mch Plastic Surgery is taken by the lesser number of students as compared to other super specialities but the trend is on increasing side. The number of seats in Mch Plastic Surgery is increasing and the Career in plastic Surgery is worth taking this branch.

NEET Mch – Plastic Surgery Exam Trends

The Questions asked are based on all important topics of Plastic Surgery like:

  1. Blood supply of Skin

  2. Wound Care

  3. Implant Materials

  4. Tissue expansion

  5. Aesthetic improvement.

A fundamental knowledge of Histology of Skin, including Anatomy Face, skull, Nosem Palate along with Embryological Malformations like Cleft Palate, Reconstruction of Lips, Mandible Calvaria, Thumb, Breast, Nipple form an important Component.

Questions based on Blepharoplasty, Liposuction, Grafts, Filler material and Burn with wound care are high yield topics in Plastic Surgery.

Lately in NEET Mch Type Questions have been asked on Penile Deformities, Osteotomy, Craniofacial clefts, Breast Deformities, Varicocele Lymphedema Praceox as well as Superficial Varicose veins.

Practicing the Maximum number of Questions is very important for a good score.

Tips to prepare for Plastic Surgery

A thorough and detailed knowledge of Embryology of Head and Neck with Histology of skin, Anatomy of Nerves, Vessels, Embryological Craniofacial defects and Surgical Techniques forms the Backbone of Preparing Plastic Surgery.

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