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NEET PG 2019….. Are You Prepared in Basic Sciences of NEET PG Check here

NEET PG 2019………..Your Preparation


Are You Prepared in Basic Sciences  of NEET PG  Check here


Neet pg Exam is not a difficult task to achieve. Don’t be overstressed. You can get good merit and rank provided you have a balanced approach to your study. What is needed is a positive attitude. Never get demoralised. You might find some moments hard but it is a part of the game.  Only those who tide over hard times are successful.

We will provide you with a few questions. You can attempt them. This can give you an idea about your prep ration. Don’t worry about your Actual Exam. You will definitely fare better.

 Would you like to Answer the Below Questions:


Teasers from Anatomy


 Q1 Medial plantar nerve supplies all, EXCEPT

a.      Abductor halluces brevis

b.      Flexor halluces brevis

c.       Flexor digitorumbrevis

d.      Flexor digitorum accessories


Q2 The lateral wall of the Ischiorectal fossa is formed by

a.      Obturator internus           

b.      External anal sphincter

c.       Levator ani

d.      Urogenital diaphragm


Q3  All of the following are boundaries of the epiploic foramen, EXCEPT

a.      Inferior vena cava

b.      Fundus of the gall bladder           

c.       Caudate process of the liver

d.      First part of the duodenum

Teasers from Physiology 


Q1  In respect to transmission of pain in the nervous system:

a.      Substance P acts on pain receptors

b.      Any peripheral stimuli can activate pain receptors

c.       Dull and sharp pain travel via the same fibres

d.      Delta and C fibres originate on the same receptor


Q2  If a person breathes normal atmospheric air at sea level, even a marked increase in alveolar ventilation can never increase the alveolar Po2 above:

a.      159 mm of Hg.   

b.      104 mm of Hg.

c.       149 mm of Hg

d.      120 mm of Hg.


Q3  An increase in the P50 of an oxyhaemoglobin curve would result from a decrease in:

a.      Thyroid hormone secretion

b.      Temperature

c.       pH

d.      2, 3 BPG

 Teasers from Microbiology 



Q1  Which one of the following animals acts as mixing vessel for the generation of human-avian reassortant influenza virus?

a.      Rodents

b.      Foxes

c.       Pigs

d.      Sheep


 Q2  Live attenuated vaccines are not available against the following virus:

a.      Varicella – Zoster

b.      Hepatitis B

c.       Polio

d.      Rubella


 Q3 Primary Amoebic meningoencephalitis is caused by:

a.      Entamoeba histolytica

b.      Iodamoeba

c.       Naegleria fowleri

d.      Entamoeba

Teasers from Pathology



Q1  Hamartomatous intestinal polyps are a feature of all of the following syndromes EXCEPT:

a.      PeutzJegher’s

b.      Cowden

c.       Family Adenomatous Polyposis

d.      Cronkhite Canada


  Q2    Centrilobular necrosis of the liver is characteristic of:

a.      Acute viral hepatitis

b.      Drug induced hepatitis

c.       Autoimmune hepatitis

d.      Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis


Q3 Tumours arising between cystic duct and confluence of left and right hepatic ducts are called:

a.      Caroli’s tumours

b.      Wilson’s tumours

c.       Klatskin’s tumours

d.      Alagille’s tumours

 Our Focus is to get the Best out of you. There is nothing to get afraid of. Anatomy is tough but not impossible. SPM may be vast but not non ending. No worries. You carry on. It holds same for all. You are not the lone person doing all this. Many have done it before you and you will also do it.


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