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NEET PG 2019 Preparation. Check your Preparation for Basic Sciences.

NEET  PG 2019 Preparation. 

Check your Preparation for Basic Sciences.

NEET PG Aspirants are many. There is a good Competition and Race for Best Places and Best Branches. Students need merit and that too badly. Good colleges, and branches of their choice are possible only if they get good merit. Getting  Good merit. Is it really tough? No well planned strategy and sound mind always helps.  NEET PG is not a difficult task. Competition is tough. But should one be Afraid. Never. No Worries.

Many have passed before you. Anatomy may be vast but it is not never ending. You might find Physiology Boring but not impossible to finish. Biochemistry might be a deviation but few days and u can over run it.

We provide you few questions. Trying them will let you know Your Preparation but you should not get depressed should you get then wrong. It is just a small Test. Your Performance is bound to improve.


Teasers from Anatomy 2019


Medial plantar nerve supplies all, EXCEPT

a.     Abductor halluces brevis

b.     Flexor halluces brevis

c.      Flexor digitorumbrevis

d.     Flexor digitorum accessories



The lateral wall of the Ischiorectal fossa is formed by

a.     Obturator internus

b.     External anal sphincter

c.      Levator ani

d.       Urogenital diaphragm



All of the following are boundaries of the epiploic foramen, EXCEPT

a.     Inferior vena cava

b.     Fundus of the gall bladder

c.      Caudate process of the liver

d.     First part of the duodenum



Teasers from Physiology 2019


The most important role of gamma motor neuron is to:

a.     Stimulate skeletal muscle fibres to contract

b.     Maintain muscles spindle sensitivity during muscle contraction

c.      Generate activity in Ib afferent fibres

d.     Detect the length of the resting muscle

 Renin secretion by kidney is increased by:

a.     Increasing mean blood pressure

b.     Increasing GFR

c.      Increasing sympathetic nerve activity

d.     Increasing Angiotensin II synthesis



Phantom limb pain is an example of:

a.     Fatigue at synapse

b.     Weber Fechnar Law

c.      Law of projection

d.     Adaptation




Teasers from Biochemistry 2019



Which of the following is NOT a Post-translational modification?

a.     Disulfide bond formation

b.     Conversion of procollagen to collagen

c.      Gamma carboxylation of clotting factor

d.       Capping by 7-methylguanidine


 Embryonic hemoglobin contains

a.     Alpha 2 Beta 2

b.     Zeta 2 Gamma 2

c.      Alpha 2 Delta 2

d.       Alpha 2 Gamma 2



Hydroxylation of proline of collagen fibers is helped by

a.     Nicotinamide

b.     Cholecalciferol

c.      Ascorbic acid

d.     Pyridoxine

Our Experts recommend you to go through Basic books like

  • BD Chaurasia
  • Ganong
  • Harper


And read selected and important topics from


  • Grays Anatomy
  • Guyton Physiology
  • Lippincott Biochemistry
  • Snells NeuroAnatomy
  • Inderbersingh Histology
  • Lasts Anatomy
  • Brijesh Kumar Embryology
  • Grants Anatomy(For Image Based Questions)


As well as revise from Mcq books.


Online Tests are highly beneficial and recommended. They will increase and improve your performance. Med exams is one such portal offering NEET PG Candidates the best possible content, questions, Image based questions,  and revision.

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