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Neet Pg 2019 Students Agonies…………… How to Walk Over

Neet Pg  2019
Students Agonies. How to Walk Over

NEET PG is a challenging Exam. With Latest Modifications as per MCI and NBE, more students are applying for NEET PG and competition is getting tougher. NEET PG aspirants wonder about.

  • When to Start

  • What books to read

  • How much time is needed for Each Subject

  • What books to read

  • When to Start

  • Can we Make it

  • Which online Course to take

  • What speciality to Take

  • Where does Future lie

  • Though Answer to all these Questions is not easy. But Constant hard work and dedication and well planned strategy always helps.

  • Ideally the student should start preparing for NEET PG at least one year before the Date of Examination. This much time is sufficient provided he has studied his MBBS nicely. One to two months here and there won’t matter.

  • Books to read are a very tough question. Standard books like Harrison, Robbins, Park, Chaurasia, Bailey, Parokh, Ganong, Harper and Mcq Books like AAA, Platinum notes, Mudit K are important for Revision .

  • Major Subjects would need more time. Minor Subjects lesser time. 20-25 days for each Major Subject and 10-15 days for each minor subject is enough. But that means at least 8-10 hours a day. In case you are working as a Resident(That is tough)

  • Never lose hope. It is tough but not impossible. To get good rank is a bit tougher but hard work will do it for you. Good Concentration, less deviation will be beneficial.

  • Online courses will help. There are many of them. We have a concise , Student Friendly and Lately And continuously updated NEET PG Packages.

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  • Which speciality to take is entirely a personal Choice? Some Male doctors like Obs Gynae. It is personal. If you are Money minded, you can take Radiology, Dermatology. If you want to be engaged fully Medicine is a good Branch. Obsessed with Surgery there is no option other than Gen Surgery. Basic Sciences have a good future and a Good life style.

Future is not in Ones Hands. One Can Excel anywhere with Great Dedication and hard work. Continuous effort in life will give you rewards.

We hope that you will find this information helpful.

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