NEET PG Medicine 2019 Sample Questions

Neet Pg Medicine 2019 Sample Questions


Medicine is a Big, Major and main Subject for NEET PG. As NEET Pg students are in great competition, it happens to be a determining subject for the student.

Medicine is Interesting as well and Students waste too much time with Medicine

Students should take reference from Main Textbooks like Harrison from Medicine.

Our experts have taken a sample of few questions. Can you get them Right. Let’s see.

Have a look at the below 5 Questions. Attempt them with Confidence


Sample Question

A man presents with fever and chills 2 weeks after a louse bite. There was a maculo-papular rash on the trunk which spread peripherally. The cause of this infection can be:

  1. Scrub typhus.
  2. Endemic typhus.
  3. Rickettsial pox.
  4. Epidemic typhus.


Sample Question 

All of the following features are suggestive of asbestosis except:

  1. Occurs within five years of exposure.
  2. The disease progresses even after removal of contact.
  3. Can lead to pleural mesothelioma.
  4. Sputum contains asbestos bodies.


Sample Question

The drug of choice for chemoprophylaxis in contacts of a patient of pneumonic plague is :

  1. a) Penicillin.
  2. b) Vancomycin
  3. c) Erythromycin.
  4. d) Tetracycline.


Sample Question

All of the following are true for Occupational lead poisoning except :

  1. a) Inhalation is the most common mode of absorption.
  2. b) Lead in blood and urine provide quantitative indicators of exposure.
  3. c) Average blood is more important than a number of subjects with blood levels above threshold.
  4. d) Basophilic stippling is a sensitive parameter of hematological response.


Sample Question

Correct about The Prevalence of a disease is :

  1. a) Is the best measure of disease frequency in etiological studies.
  2. b) Can only be determined by a cohort study.
  3. c) Is the number of new cases in a defined population.
  4. d) Describes the balance between incidence, mortality, and recovery.


So What was your score out of these 5 Questions

Don’t get depressed by your results if you didn’t get them right.

Try working harder.

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