NEET PG Pathology Sample Questions 2018-2019

NEET PG Pathology Sample Questions 2018-2019

NEET PG Pathology Sample Questions 2018-2019


Not A Correct Match about genes and Causation  is:

  1. MSN 2: Heriditary nonpolyposis colon cancer
  2. NF- 2 : Neurofibromatosis 1
  3. BRAC-1: Breast cancer
  4. APC: Familial adenomatous polyposis/colon cancer

Which is not a true statement about Renal Amyloidosis:

  1. Renal Amyloidosis is the least common form of systemic amyloidosis.
  2. The size of kidney may be increased.
  3. There is mesangial expansion by amorphous hyaline material and thickning of the glomerular basment membrane.
  4. Amyloid is primarily deposited in the glomeruli

Not true about Morphology of the Langerhan cells is:

  1. Langerhan cells are large oval mononuclear cells
  2. They Usually have few cytoplasmic vacuoles
  3. They have a deeply basophilic cytoplasm.
  4. Nucleus is prominent with fine chromatin

A statement which is not true about Pathology of Desmoid tumors is:

  1. Desmoids tumours don’t  metastasize
  2. They arise  in musculoaponeurotic structures.
  3. These tumours  consist of spindle shaped cells
  4. There is predominance of pleomorphic, atypical or hyperchromatic nuclei

Glomus tumors are characterized by  all Except:

Sensitivity to cold

  1. Non tenderness
  2. May appear as small red-blue nodules.
  3. The lesions may be seen beneath the finger nail

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