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NEET Type Questions in NEET PG 2018 – MedExamsPrep

NEET Type Questions in NEET PG 2018

Sample NEET Type Questions

Questions like asked in NEET PG: The Best matter | The Latest Matter | The Best Online Programmes |They cater to Standard Text and questions are from Texts .

This Programme has been specially devised to cater to Latest Questions, All important Text Matter and Contains Questions with the Best possible Explanations and Questions for Practice Also. A student needs to be Best prepared for the Examinations and this effort of mine is a step in that direction.

The prime focus for students to go through the Course with high degree of concentration and to concentrate on the explanations for best results. That should give the Student a tremendous success.

Sample Questions:

The Histopathologist is Evaluating a sample of a Blood Vessel. He is asked to have a look at the Endothelium of the Vessel . The Endothelium would normally be lined by:

  1. Squamous epithelium
  2. Columnar epithelium
  3. Transitional epithelium
  4. Ciliated Columnar epithelium

Ans: A Squamous epithelium

Cranial End of Embryo is Established by all Genes Except:

  1. OTX2
  2. LIM1
  3. HESX1
  4. Snail

Ans: D Snail

The Cavernous sinus Occupies an Important position in Cranium . All are Contents in lateral wall of sinus Except :

  1. Maxillary nerve
  2. Oculomotor nerve
  3. Ophthalmic nerve
  4. Mandibular nerve

Ans: D Mandibular nerve

Septum Transversum and Mesoderm of Body wall are involved in formation of:

  1. Ovary
  2. Uterine tube
  3. Diaphragm
  4. Testis

Ans: C Diaphragm

The Gene That Regulates dorsal mesoderm formation in middle and caudal regions of embryo is:

  1. HESX1
  2. LIM1
  3. Snail
  4. Brachybury

Ans: D Brachbury

These Questions would be Helpful for you in Preparation for NEET PG

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