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Online DM Cardiology 2019

Online DM Cardiology 2019:

What are the most Important Topics asked in DM Cardiology

DM cardiology is a super speciality. Many students after passing MD Medicine opt for this great branch. Technically it is challenging and many students accept the challenges of Cardiology. It has got a good number of Seats in India.MD Medicine candidates are eligible but actual information can be got from NBE Site. Students appearing for NEET DM Cardiology need not get confused. What is needed is a proper syllabus and a plan.

The Topics asked to cover a range of Topics like

Congenital Heart Diseases, Paediatric heart diseases, Valvular Heart diseases  Mitral stenosis,  Tricuspid regurgitation,  Aortic stenosis, Aortic regurgitation Drugs like GPIIb/IIIa inhibitors, Newer agents like Abciximab, Tirofiban, Eptifibatide, Ximelagratan, Apixaban,  Betrixaban, Edoxaban,  Protamine.

Our experts are noticing the latest questions in DM Papers from Heart diseases like ASD, VSD, TOF, TGA, Tumor of the heart, Rhabdomyoma, Rhabdomyosarcoma, Myxomas.

Syndromes like Downs, Turners, Noonans along with their Manifestations (Cardiological) are the most frequently asked especially in pediatric cardiology

Echo, Holter, Stress Testing, Electrophysiology, ECG interpretation, Invasive Cardiological Procedures. RFA should all be revised properly

Questions based on Antiarrhythmic drugs, Drugs used in Heart Failure, Hypertension are asked. This includes the introduction of new drugs as well.

Questions based on Tall T wave, Delta wave, U wave, QT Prolongation syndromes, Q wave have been recently asked.

Passing DM Cardiology gives impetus to an MD Candidate. Most patients get themselves checked by Specialists.DM Candidates are preferred over MD Candidates. For more information visit

We have taken note of the latest questions asked from frequently asked/ high yield topics. We provide the best possible exams covering these topics. This provides NEET DM aspirants an opportunity to prepare and fare better for their exams.

What is recommended for a DM Cardiology student is to keep touch with his books, Prepare and Practise as many MCQs as possible. This will greatly boost their chances in DM exams. Online Examinations, Tests a Mocks offer the best-updated platforms for preparation and we recommend you to take these online Tests.






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