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Paediatrics AIIMS 2019 single liners, A new concept in AIIMS PG 2019

Paediatrics AIIMS 2019 single liners. A new concept in AIIMS PG 2019

It used to be best of four MCQs for AIIMS Neet PG Exams. Aiims has come up with newer methods of checking student’s ability. They are trying to increase the Talent hunt specificity.

Newer Examination Pattern involving Reason based questions. True False, MCQs are an addition.

We recommend students to have a full view about the Exam patter from AIIMS website as well as NBE . All students should be updated with the latest info.

The Sample of few of our new examination type questions asked is provided below.

  1. Prophylaxis of a neonate born to a HBsAg positive mother should include:

Ans. Both Vaccine and Immunoglobulin

  1. The leukotriene receptor antagonist used in bronchial asthma is:

Ans. Zafirleukast

  1. A newborn has congenital heart failure, which is not improving on treatment. He has bulging anterior fontanelles with a bruit on auscultation. On trAns fontanelle USG a hypoechoeic midline mass is seen with dilated lateral ventricles. Most probable diagnosis is

Ans. Vein of Galen malformation

  1. A child has Microcephaly, Blue eyes, Fair skin, and Mental retardation, ferric chloride test is positive. What is the likely diagnosis:

Ans. Phenylketomuria (PKU)

  1. Darkening of urine on standing is associated with:

Ans. Alkaptonuria

  1. Premature baby of 34 wks was delivered. Baby developed bullous lesion on the skin and X-ray shows periostitis. What should be the next investigation:

Ans. VDRL for mother & baby

  1. A child is brought with drowsiness, decreased deep tendon reflexes and seizures. On examination the child has a line on gums. There is history of constipation. Which will be most appropriate drug that should be used in this child:


  1. Cat eye syndrome is:

Ans. Partial trisomy 22

  1. Bart’s hydrops fetalis is lethal because:

Ans. Hb Bart’s cannot release oxygen to fetal tissues.

  1. The most common leukocytoclastic vasculitis affecting children is:

Ans. Henoch Schoneline purpura

  1. Diagnosis of beta Thalassemia is established by:

Ans. Hb electrophoesis

  1. The most common type of total anomalous pulmonary venous connection is:

Ans. Supracardiac

  1. One of the intestinal enzymes that is generally deficient in children following an attack of severe infectious enteritis is:

Ans. Lactase

  1. Which is the most common renal cystic disease in infants

Ans. Unilateral renal dysplasia

  1. A five year old boy presents with Precocious Puberty and a Blood Pressure of 130/80 mm Hg. Estimation of which of the following will help in diagnosis

Ans. ↑ 11 Deoxycortisol

  1. Is a marker for neural tube defects

Ans. ↑Acetylcholinesterase


Such types of Questions are expected and having a knowledge of these questions are important. Students preparing for Aiims should attempt maximum number of Questions of such type.

Our Aim is to prepare students to the best of their capability.

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