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DM : Important Things for Candidates to Consider for 2018-2019 Examinations

Whatever the Examination : Any Branch of DM Super speciality exams

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Basic Concepts about Physiology, Latest Drugs, Latest Innovations, and Management Protocols are important.

The DM Candidates should focus on

  • Clinical case scenrios
  • Making diagnosis
  • Interpreting lab Values
  • Knowing Mechanism of Action of Drugs
  • Latest FDA Approved Drugs
  • Management Protocols
  • Latest Chemotheraupatic Approaches
  • In addition Drugs of Choices
  • Complications of Therapies
  • Pathophysiology of Disease Processes
  • Genetic Considerations
  • Genetic Therapies wherever Applicable.
  • These are the Points of Focus as per Latest Expert Opinions.

Medexams Believes in Targeted, Easily Palatable solutions and Comprehensive Packages for Students.

Checking Concept :

Question Scenario 1

A 22 year old patient is administered an immunosuppressant drug that inhibits T-cell activation by binding to a cytosolic protein FKBP   and associates with calcineurin . Most likely drug is:

  1. Taxane
  2. Tacrolimus
  3. Cyclophosphamide
  4. Levamisole

Checking Genetic Considerations

Question Scenario 2

A 34 year old male has intestinal hamartomatous polyps in association with mucocutaneous melanocytic macules. The inheritance is:

  1. Autosomal Dominant
  2. Autosomal Recessive
  3. X Linked Dominant
  4. X Linked Recessive

Checking Diagnosis 

Question Scenario 3


A 36   year old with a valvular heart disease presented with pain in the   hip region on both sides along with lumbago which is worse in morning and improves as the day progresses. X Ray of vertebrae reveals a straight spine.  Most Likely cause  is

  1. Rheumatoid arthritis
  2. Osteoarthritis
  3. Myeloma Spine
  4. Ankylosing spondylitis

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