“Sample NEET DM Pediatric Oncology Questions 2018

“Sample NEET   DM  Pediatric Oncology Questions  2018” 


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Sample Questions


Q1   A 7-year old boy with left renal mass had bone pain and  was detected to have bone metastatic deposits. The most likely renal tumor is-

  1.  Favorable histology Wilms tumor
  2.  Renal cell carcinoma
  3.  Clear cell sarcoma
  4.  Rhabdoid tumor


Q2  A 2-year-old child comes with discharge, seborrheic dermatitis, polyuria and hepatosplenomegaly. Which of the following is the most likely diagnosis

  1. Leukemia
  2. Lymphoma
  3. Langerhan’s cell histiocytosis
  4. Germ cell tumour


Q3    A 10 year old child presented with headache, vomiting, gait instability and diplopia. On examination he had papilloedema and gait ataxia. The most probable diagnosis is.

  1.  Hydrocephalus
  2. Brain stem tumour
  3.  Suprasellar tumour
  4. Midline posterior fossa tumour


Q4  Which of the following is the most common renal cystic disease in infants is?    

  1. Polycystic kidney
  2. Simple renal cyst
  3. Unilateral renal dysplasia
  4. Calyceal cyst


Q5  The Most common presentation of a child with Wilms’ tumor is:

  1. As asymptomatic abdominal mass
  2. Haematuria
  3. Hypertension
  4. Hemoptysis due to pulmonary secondary


Q6    The most common malignant neoplasm of infancy is:    

  1. Malignant teratoma
  2. Neuroblastoma
  3. Wilms’ tumor
  4. Hepatoblastoma


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