“Sample” NEET PG Questions

Preparation and Sample Questions for NEET PG 2018

 NEET PG Exams are conducted throughout now. A student after having passed MBBS Final year and successful completion of Internship is eligible for NEET PG Exams. Prepration for NEET Examinations needs to be Specific, Focussed and take into account Every Subject.

Major Subjects like Anatomy, Pathology, Medicine, Surgery need to be well prepared. One cannot afford to be callous about Minor Subjects as well.

So a thorough prepration needs to be in place. Medexamsprep.com helps you in such prepration. Below is a sample of Question Types asked in the NEET Examinations.

A students prepration should be to Top the ranks. We at medexamsprep.com help the students for the same .


Q1. In a Patient with DiGeorges Syndrome The Cells Predominantly effected are :

  1. B Cells
  2. Innate Lymphoid Cells
  3. Red Blood Cells
  4. T cells

Q2. Not a Disorder of Phagocytosis is

  1. Leukocyte G6PD deficiency
  2. Common variable immunodeficiency
  3. Tuftin deficiency
  4. Lazy leukocyte deficiency


Q3. After Two years of intensive Chemotherapy a 33 Year old Patient develops fever, sore throat and Small vesicles on the oral mucosa and pharynx. Most Likely cause is:

  1. Oro labial Herpes
  2. CMV infections
  3. HPV Infection
  4. Polyoma Virus


Q4. Extensive Nestin and Vimentin Expression on IHC in children is seen in :

  1. Lymphoma (CNS)
  2. Craniopharyngioma
  3. Medulloepithelioma
  4. Sternomastoid tumor


Q5.Many Children with Frasier syndrome have

  1. Mutations in intron 9 of the Rb gene
  2. Mutations in intron 9 of the p53 gene
  3. Mutations in intron 9 of the WT1 gene
  4. Mutations in intron 9 of the NF1 gene

Q6. Oncogenic Potential is Present in All Except :  

  1. Schistosomiasis infection
  2. Ankylostoma Infestation
  3. Chloronechesis Infection
  4. Opisthotchis infection

 Q7. E 6 and E7 inhibit P 53 and Rb genes. This Methodology of oncogenesis is specific to :

  1. pylori
  2. HTLV 1 Virus
  3. Fasciola Hepatica
  4. HPV


Q8. A 55 year old man who is admitted in ICU and was hypertensive with raised blood urea and Serum creatinine levels with Rheumatic heart disease a week after having an Open heart surgery   developed pain in precordial area which was relieved by sitting forward. He has no history suggestive of any gastric problem. He was febrile as well. A friction rub was auscultated. Most likely cause is:

  1. Uremic pericarditis
  2. Restrictive cardiomyopathy
  3. Recurrent MI
  4. Post cardiotomy syndrome


Q9. A middle-aged, itchy woman having CREST has Jaundice, pruritus, and hepatomegaly are common. The liver function tests shows a mild transaminitis with # alkaline phosphatase and # bilirubin. Diagnosis would be suggested by ordering for:

  1. Anti microsomal antibody
  2. Anti LKM antibody
  3. Antiphospholipid antibody
  4. Anti-mitochondrial antibody


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