Studying NEET DM Gastroenterology (Dm Gastro )

Studying NEET DM Gastroenterology(Dm Gastro )

Despite Many DM superspeciality branches, DM Gastroenterology is the top

and the most Preferred branch among DM branches . Multiple colleges and

Leading Hospitals offer high number of seats in DM Gastroenterology.

The Examinations are conducted as NEET Superspeciality examinations , Online

with Questions specific to the subject of Gastroenterology on diverse and

latest topics. The NEET DM Gastro Examination checks students capability on

checking the newest and the Latest Medical Concepts, , Management of

different conditions in Gastroenterology , Pharmacology / Drugs used, GI

Emergencies, Day to day problems, Patholological Concepts, Genetic concepts

of Gastro Diseases as well as Oncological Perspectives.


The Questions cover an Array of Topics Like Esophageal conditions, Gastric

Conditions, DH, Whipples disease , Volvolus, Intussception, Paediatric GI

Conditions ,Gardners Syndrome, GI Physiology , Hour Glass Stomach,

Lymphoma Intestines ,Lynch Syndrome ,Peptic ulcer disease, Peutz Jeughers

Syndrome , Phaeochromacytoma, Metasttic Lesions, Inflammatory GI

Conditions , Molecular Concepts , Genetic Concepts, HLA linkage, Latest

Drugs, Paediatric Gastro, Recent advances in Gastro are preffered lately. One

should be aware of All new Developments and Latest Treatment Protocols.

( How to Prepare )

 Practice, Practice and Practice .

Practice as many Mcqs as Possible .

Prepare, practice and Make notes

 Practicing MCQs from online sources is a good way to achieve

Good rank.

Medexams offer a well planned online Programme with

questions on different topics of gastroenterology

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