Dream Neet – Mch Super Speciality Exams

Mch Super speciality is the dream of Most Surgeons. Only few who get exhausted while doing their MS Surgery don’t aspire for his Exam. But the trends ae changing. Lots of competition prompts any surgeon to prepare for the super speciality branches.  Besides some surgeons are themselves obsessed with Mch degrees.

Mch exams are Super speciality examinations for Surgery and subspecialties. Many branches are available like Mch Plastic surgery, Mch Neurosurgery, Mch Endocrine Surgery, Mch Paediatric Surgery, Mch  General Surgery, Mch Surgical Oncology, Mch Urology, Mch Surgical Gastroenterology, Mch Vascular Surgery, Mch Head and Neck Surgery.

A lot of hard work and preparation goes into preparing for MCh courses. Questions are asked Subject Specific.

Basic General surgery is the backbone to preparation of all super specialities. Each speciality has a different standard text book and preparation module.  But basic fundamental ideas are same to all and a deep understanding of Basic Anatomic knowledge, Physiological Concepts, Pathological concepts, in-depth Surgical knowledge is important  to qualify the examinations.

Besides one cannot ignore Surgical procedures, latest innovations, Management, Complications   and Protocols associated with different conditions in general .

In addition to Specialized and Specific Standard Text books for Surgical Specialities  basic fundamental concept can be picked from Bailey Surgery, Sabiston Surgery, Robbins Pathology , Schwartz Surgery, Lasts Anatomy . These books and the relevant chapters from these books form the basics of study.

How To Help Medexams Neet – Mch Super Speciality Exams View Our Point

Medexams offers online courses in Various and most of MCH specialities. We have outlined a Basic Revision course for these specialities underlining the most important topics, most commonly asked topics, examination oriented courses for the preparation of Mch Aspirants  throughout the country.

In each pack we currently offer 300 questions  with explanations in addition to 6 mock tests of 50 questions each. This helps a student to understand the Concept of Examinations in real. Questions are based on all aspects of the Super speciality. A broad range of Questions is available to students  based on

  • Anatomy of relevant speciality
  • Questions on disease process
  • Surgical Techniques
  • Complications
  • Management
  • Best modality
  • Treatment of Choice
  • New innovations. Techniques
  • Surgical Aspects
  • Lately asked Questions

Our online courses offer what is needed for a Surgeon to prepare for MCh Specialities. For more details visit

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