Tips For Preparing NEET PG Radio Diagnosis & Radiotherapy

Tips For Preparing NEET PG Radio Diagnosis & Radiotherapy

It is important to understand NEET PG syllabus and NEET exam pattern before preparing for the NEET PG Radio diagnosis & Radiotherapy.

Radiotherapy is a treatment where radiation is used to treat various symptoms and give a better quality of life. Therefore this field is very important in accessing the candidates in NEET PG entrance exam.

Candidates need to understand when radiotherapy is used and types of Radiotherapy.

It can be used to:

  • Try to cure cancer completely (curative radiotherapy).
  • This is more effective for other treatments also – for example, it can be combined.
  • Reduce the risk of cancer coming back after surgery (adjuvant radiotherapy).
  • Relieve symptoms if a cure isn’t possible (palliative radiotherapy).
  • Radiotherapy is the most effective cancer treatment after surgery.

The most common types Radiotherapy are:

  • External radiotherapy where a machine is used to carefully aim beams of radiation at the cancer cells.
  • Brachytherapy or radiotherapy implants – in which small pieces of radioactive metal are (usually temporarily) placed inside your body near cancer.
  • Radioisotope therapy where the radioactive liquid is swallowed or injected into your blood.

Students should have knowledge about the following in NEET PG Radiodiagnosis:-

Students should have the capability to realize the basic need of various radio-diagnostic tools in medical practice. They should be aware of the techniques required to be undertaken in different situations for the diagnosis of various ailments as well as during prognostic estimations.

Understand basics of X-ray production, its uses, and hazards. ii. Appreciate and diagnose changes in bones – like fractures, infections, tumors and metabolic bone diseases. Diagnose various radiological changes in disease conditions to identify chest and mediastinum, skeletal system, G.I. Tract, Hepatobiliary system, and G.U. system. iv. Earn about various imaging techniques, including isotopes C.T., Ultrasound, M.R.I. and D.S.A.

Following skills of a student is checked in Radiodiagnosis:-

Use basic protective techniques during various imaging procedures. Common X-ray, radio-diagnostic techniques interpreted in various community situations.

Advise appropriate diagnostic procedures in specialized circumstances to appropriate specialists.

NEET PG Radio diagnosis & Radiotherapy is an interesting and challenging subject. The diversity of the subject requires a paramount skill and excellent memorizing power to prove the mettle. It carries heavy weight age in NEET PG entrance exam, thus without a sound strategy, NEET PG Radio diagnosis & Radiotherapy preparation can be a daunting task.

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