Top Books to study for Neet PG 2019

Top Books to study for NEET PG 2019

There are too many books in the market for pg examination. Students get confused about what to read. Different aspirants have different perspectives.

With the limitations of time, so much confusion about books what should students read. To start with there is no doubt that students must have studied standard text books.

The main text books like BD Chaurasia, Ganong, Harper, Robbins, Anantnarayan, Harrison, Bailey , Park , Parikh are indispensible for studying. A neet aspirant should have studied these books for basic knowledge. No student can claim that they are not important. They form the Backbone of Medical MBBS study. What is more important is that the students should have fully gained the concept of the Subjects. It is not possible to study these books months before NEET Pg exams. There are some major subjects for Neet pg.  Students should get good marks in all major Subjects. There are almost 20 subjects have to be prepared by a NEET Aspirant or a FMGE Aspirant.

These are the commonest books read by medical students as Text . Some students are obsessed with books like Oxford Manuals, Washington manual of surgery  . For Aspirants most questions asked in   NEET Pg should come from books they read.

For NEET PG MCQ books are important. Books like Platinum notes, Mudit Khanna and Amit Ashish were read by students with good effect. Besides Students are advised to prepare a notebook of points and revise that at the time of your revision.

  • BD Chaurasia (Anatomy)

  • Ganong(Physiology)

  • Harper(Biochemistry)

  • Robbins (Pathology)

  • Anantnarayan(Microbiology)

  • Harrison(Medicine)

  • Bailey(Surgery)

  • Park (Spm)

  • Parikh(Forensic)

  • Khurana (Opthomology)


Accessory books like Lasts Anatomy, Ganong , Harsh Mohan, Kumar Klark, S Das are also preferred by some. Minor Subjects can be revised from Mcq Books.

For Revision our Experts recommend Platinum Notes, AAA, Mudit Khanna.

Online Examinations are recommended for all Aspirants. They provide the Best content and material for Exams.

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