What are the Prime Requirements to Crack NEET PG 2018?

What are the Prime Requirements to Crack NEET PG 2018

What are the Prime Requirements to Crack NEET PG 2018?

Post Graduate Medical entrance exams are a standardized and reliable mode of evaluating the lakhs of applicants who aspire to study Doctor of Medicine (MD) and a Master of Science (MS) degree, Post-graduate diploma – Diplomate of National Board (India), so take your time, prepare well and get ready.

Cracking NEET PG 2018 with good marks has always been regarded as an enriching and challenging experience. Because after getting admitted to MD/MS and PG Diploma Courses you will get a rewarding career and better future.

Imagine the level of competition involved!

Lakhs of aspirants increasing each year, candidates with good preparation, and the ability to handle pressure have an edge to perform better. If you are dedicated and have your mind set to clearing this exam, then you will definitely do it.

When you think about preparing for the medical entrance exam NEET PG 2018 the first question that comes to mind is the syllabus.

The syllabus will contain various topics of subjects or knowledge areas. The syllabus will be prescribed by the Medical Council of India (MCI) with prior approval of Government of India. Students should prepare as per the syllabus to score well in the examination.

How to Prepare for NEET PG:

  • First of all, gather all the details about the syllabus officially prescribed for the examination.
  • Make a proper time-table and prepare accordingly.
  • Consider the good books and study materials for your preparations.
  • Prepare short notes on the important topics and prepare them at the end of preparations.
  • Practice previous year question papers and sample papers it will help you to understand the exam pattern.
  • Take care of your health, do yoga and meditation it will help to concentrate on your studies.

Students need to combine hard work with smart work. You can prepare according to the weightage given to each subject for the examination. Check which subjects have maximum weightage or the maximum number of questions start preparing with these subjects first and then go down to the subjects which have least weightage. This will ensure that half of the syllabus is covered for the NEET 2018 PG examination.

Half of the problem solves when you make your own notes. Books have a lot of content; you can prepare your own notes by noting down the important information from the book. When you will go through these notes, you will realize how easy it is now to study. Maybe it is a bit time consuming, but it is an effective way for studying.

NEET PG 2018 Preparation – How to divide your time?

For studying: You will need to dedicate at least 8-9 hours for studying. Going through the topics and preparing for each topic will take most of the time. Every student has a different pattern for studying. Some like to cover those topics that are their strong point and takes less time to cover them, while other like to go for those topics first which are their weak point.

Revision: What you can do is revise each topic after you have completed it. Revision is a must from time to time.

Practice: It is said “Practice makes you perfect”. Practice as much as you can, through books, notes or online resources. Take online tests or mock tests to check how much you remember about the subjects. Taking such test will increase you confidence and your speed too.


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