Best Books to Study for NEET DM Superspeciality & NEET MCH Exam

Best Books to Study for NEET DM Superspeciality Exam

Best Books to Study for NEET DM Superspeciality Exam

Aspirants who are appearing for NEET DM Superspeciality exam may have many queries in their mind about what type of questions are asked in NEET SS, which are the BEST books to study for NEET DM. Since is going to be a highly competitive exam student should be aware of the pattern of questions that will be asked. Depending on the NEET DM exam pattern students should start with the topics that will fetch you good marks.

To refer the high scoring topics before the exams, candidates should know the BEST books to study where they can get all the information required to approach the NEET DM exam in a strategic manner.

To crack NEET DM entrance exam easily candidates should refer those books that can be easily understood and also gives the good explanation of the MCQs. These books should also help to understand and master the NEET DM superspeciality subjects easily.

Key Features of the Best Books to study for NEET DM Superspeciality exam:

  • A good book can be a good guide for the quick review before exams.
  • For students to understand clearly in a better manner the topics should be explained in a better manner and up to the point.
  • Each chapter starts and ends with MCQs, in order to improve the understanding of the concept.
  • The content of each chapter is should be given pointwise and tables, flowcharts, diagrams can be used to give more information in the simple form.

Listed below are the BEST Books that must and should be referred by the NEET DM candidates:

  • Kuby – Immunology [ Stanford ]
  • Steisenger and Fordtran’s – Gastrointestinal and liver disease, pathophysiology, diagnosis, management [ Feldman Friedman Brandt ] 10th Edition, volume 3
  • Fletcher – Diagnostic, Histopathology of Tumors [ Fourth edition – Volume 1 ]
  • Civetta, Taylor and Kirby’s – Critical care – Fourth Edition [ Layon yu ]
  • SCHIFF SORRELL MADRE volume one – SCHIFF’s disease of the liver [ Tenth edition ]
  • Campbell-Walsh UROLOGY [ eleventh edition – Wein Kavoussi Partin Peters ]
  • SCHIFF SORRELL MADDRE volume two – SCHIFF’s disease of the liver [ Tenth edition ]
  • OWEN | PUNT | STRANFORD Kuby Immunology
  • Gastrointestinal [ Tenth edition ] by Sleisenger and Fordtran’s
  • Reproductive Endocrinology [ Physiology, Pathophysiology, and Clinical Management [ Barbier – fourth edition ]
  • Principles of Transfusion Medicine [ Second Edition ] – MOSS GOULD
  • Chest Medicine – Essentials of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine [ Third Edition ] – George Light, Matthay Matthay
  • Pulmonary Diseases and Disorders – Volume two – Third Edition [ Fishman Elias, Fishman Grippi, Kaiser Senior ]
  • Steisenger and Fordtran’s – Gastrointestinal and liver disease [ 8th Edition, Volume 2 ]
  • Scott-Brown’s Otorhinolaryngology [ Head and Neck Surgery ] Volume 2 [ The nose and paranasal sinuses, The Neck, The upper digestive throat, The upper airway ]
  • Scott-Brown’s Otorhinolaryngology [ Head and Neck Surgery ] Volume 1
  • Scott-Brown’s Otorhinolaryngology [ Head and Neck Surgery ] Volume 3
  • Davidson’s Principles and Practice of Medicine [ 21st Edition ] Colledge Walker Ralston [ Churchill Livingstone
  • Moss and Adams’ Heart Disease In Infants, Children and Adolescents Including the Fetus and Young Adult [ Volume II – Eighth Edition ]
  • Infectious Disease Epidemiology – Nelson Williams Graham [ Aspen publications ]
  • The 5-Minute ICU Consult [ Yunen, Frendi, Gasperino, Goffman, Hollenberg, Kohli-Seth, Marik, Propeller, Pastores, Said, Shiloh, Singer
  • NCCP Textbook of Respiratory Medicine
  • Western Swensen – High-Resolution CT of the Chest [ Comprehensive Atlas ]
  • Tuberculosis – Current Concepts and Treatment [ Second Edition ]
  • Conversions about Cancer – Auerbach
  • Principles and Practice of PAIN MEDICINE – WARFIELD BAJWA
  • The Clinical Recognition of Congenital Heart Disease
  • Wasserman – Hansen – Sue – Whipp – Casaburi – Principles of Exercise Testing and Interpretation [ Second Edition ]
  • Cardiac Puzzles by HURST
  • Kibler Bronchoscopy [ 2nd Edition ] Wang Mehta
  • Differential Diagnosis of Common Complaints [ Fifth Edition – ASIA EDIT ]
  • Diseases of the Breast [ Second Edition – LW&W publications]
  • Pediatric Neurosurgery [ Choux, IN Rocco, Bockley, Walker]
  • Ambulatory Pediatrics [ Green Haggerty Weitzman ]
  • Medicine Update 2005 [ Dr.S.B Gupta ]
  • Clinical Diabetes – Translating Research into Practice [ Fonseca ]
  • Andreoli and Carpenter’s Cecil Essentials of Medicine [ 7th Edition – Andreoli Carpenter, Griggs, Benjamin ]
  • High-Resolution CT of the Lungs [ Fifth Edition ]
  • Current Emergency Diagnosis and Treatment [ Mills HO Saber Trunkey ]
  • Davidson’s Principles and Practice of Medicine [ 19st Edition – Haslett, Chilvers, Boon, Colledge, Hunter]
  • Harrison’s principles of Internal Medicine [Basic Principles and Cardinal Manifestations of Disease – 19th Edition chapter 1-98] [Kasper, Fauci, Hauser, Longo, Jameson, Loscalzo] C GrawHill publication.

Guide to Physical Examination and History taking [ Ninth Edition ]

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