DM Cardiology 2019 : What , How and When to Study


               DM preparation would look like a daunting task. In reality if planned well , it is not that difficult.  One needs to have a positive attitude to Prepare Things will automatically fall in place.
We understand the difficulty of preparing DM after MD. Cardiology in itself tends to be an exciting branch and many Prefer to have Cardiology as their Specialty fully knowing that it is a hectic branch. One can’t underestimate obsession of certain doctors with Cardiology and these doctors would go to any extent for cardiology preparation.
These doctors are so   much inclined   with cardiology that they would not opt to look for other branches in view of their interest in this specialty.

When to Start


One invariably should begin preparation during his Md only . This generates a greater focus . In case one cant still, beginning preparation after Md should not discourage Aspirants from Preparing and data suggests that most students stat preparing for DM  Examinations just 8-10 months before start of Examinations.
Preparation needs to  be focused. One needs to put in great efforts . Taking Standard Reference books for Very very important and frequently asked topics is essential. One cant study full texts. It is very difficult to find time.


What is Asked


Questions in DM Cardiology are asked on All Aspects



  • Vascular Diseases

  • Arrhythmias

  • ICU management

  • Valvular Cardiac Defects

  • Congenital Cardiac diseases

  • Latest Drugs

  • Physiology : Basic Concepts

  • Genetic Association

  • Molecular level Physiology

  • Management, Complications of Therapies

  • Side effects of drugs used in Cardiology

  • Mechanism of Action of  Drugs….


What To Do


We would encourage DM Cardiology Aspirants to take help of Studying and attempting Maximum number of Mcqs as possible. Online Examinations provide the Best and most suitable way of preparation.

Completely updated mater, latest updates and   Examination like Settings   will tremendously  boost ones score. Explanations would provide answers for other questions as well. Medexams offers a package of questions in the form of Preparation tests as well as Mock tests.

A well planned strategy is always helpful.


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