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NEET PG Exams are necessary to qualify for MD/MS or Diploma Selection. NEET exam is conducted as a single examination all over India. As is a common belief, qualifying in NEET PG is not an easy task. However, we believe otherwise. If certain strategies are put to purpose, the NEET PG can be conquered.


The story of Medical Student revolves around :

  • Restless nights
  • Tiring Days
  • Continuous Exam fever
  • Guessing What to Read First and What to Read Last
  • Making books as their pillows
  • Pilling up loads of Books


MBBS  study is  more of a diligent job rather than about intelligence. One needs to cover an array of subjects, no less than 19 subjects till completion. The initial subjects are Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry  followed by Forensic Medicine, Pathology, Pharmacology and Microbiology. And later by Medicine, Surgery, Obs Gynae with sub specialties of medicine and surgery .

It needs an in depth and basic good knowledge to qualify NEETPG exams. A good student is not one who necessarily scores positions but one who really has a good  concept of all subjects. That helps them in a long way in future.

Cramming few MCQ Books is a thing of past and one never gets repeated questions. It is basic concept which helps.

Setting the basics right recommend students and NEET Aspirants

Understanding of Basic Facts of all subjects is a necessity. One can go for selected MCQ books but the Publishers have made it an industry and are pumping books into market on daily basis  and confusing the student.

They are there just to sell their books.

What a NEET PG Aspirant needs to understand is that efforts don’t go waste.

A combination of Good time schedule, Good book selection and Appropriate online MCQ tests is the ideal most and never rely on only one aspect.

Recommendations to students and NEET Aspirants

We at Med Exams recommend students and NEET Aspirants to go through  MCQ Courses in the last 4 to 5 months . There are multiple online programs  for NEET PG. These updated and highly specific NEET PG online programs (like provide the NEET aspirant with previous years questions, answers and their explanations. This provides a good exposure to the students and provide them and give the best opportunity to get the desired results.


In the end most People find success. The only difference is –

Those who rank topmost have better selection options to select branch of their choice, place of their choice and college of their choice.

So efforts don’t go waste. Just strategize your efforts and concentrate on resources which provide you with comprehensive knowledge and facilitate you in making the best use of your time.

Here is one good help for NEET PG – Med Exams Prep. Medexams makes students help in making their dreams come through their preparation tests, mock tests and timely updates. We give you best possible aids to learning what is needed best.

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