Preparing for NEET Examinations (Days before the Examination)

Preparing  for NEET    Examinations 

(Days before the  Examination)

 “Undue Stress, Anxiety and Tension” can be potentially dangerous for Bad performance for any Examination.

A students mind should be   calm, peaceful and stress free not only a day before exam but during preparation as well   as weeks before Examination.

Well Established Studies have shown a reciprocal trend in performance and stress.

For NEET PG Examinations where a student has to prepare  about 20 subjects in total, One should revise all   subjects throughout in a well phased Manner. Major  Subjects like Anatomy, Pathology, Medicine, Surgery, Pharmacology Take more time, While as Minor Subjects like Radiology, Dermatology, Orthopaedics, Ophthalmology take lesser time but all subjects should be well Prepared.

Instead of reading Standard Text books during last weeks, one should concentrate on Weaker points , revision notes and Tests.

Online Tests such as by have added a new dimension of revision strategy. These online Tests provide full revision and simulate the Examination decreasing the Anxiety and Phobia associated with Examinations.

It has been proven beyond doubt that students who have had online Tests perform better than students who have not taken practice Tests.

Working Beyond Ones Capacity and Stretching Beyond limits is bound to Decrease performance.

We suggest all Aspirants to take NEET   Exams as a Step , Concentrate well and be cool and composed.

Their Performance will definitely be better.

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