Sample type questions for SPM NEET PG 2019 Exams Helping you in your NEETPG 2019

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Sample type questions for SPM NEET PG 2019 Exams

Helping you in your NEETPG 2019

SPM is an important branch for NEET PG Exams. Lots of questions are asked from this Subject. It is a subject with a mixture of Subjects. It covers medicine, Pediatrics, Preventive aspects of medicine, Social aspects of Medicine. Expect questions based on Programmes, Incubation periods, Diseases, Vaccines, Committees, Dates of Important events from this branch. It is a vast subject and needs immense hard work.

Experts have always wanted our students to top in their exams. Frequent exams, self-assessments, mock tests are an important part of the preparation strategy. Keeping oneself updated with new questions is an important tool for students to improve.

We provide for our students a small sample of Questions from SPM also called as PSM. Neet aspirants will get benefited by knowing the sample question types. Let you try these questions which are level A
(Easy questions). Going ahead we will post some higher level questions. Hope you will enjoy.


The lung disease caused by inhalation of sugarcane dust is known as:

  1. Byssinosis
  2. Bagassosis
  3. Pneumoconiosis
  4. Asbestosis


Which  of the following denotes the trend of events that pass with time

  1. Frequency polygon
  2. Histogram
  3. Line chart
  4. Pie diagram


In the Triage system for disaster management, which of the following color code denotes  high priority treatment and/or transfer

  1. Red
  2. Blue
  3. Black
  4. Yellow


In November 1974, the government of India started, Medical Education and Support Manpower under the group of people called: 

  1. Kartar Singh committee
  2. Mukherjee committee
  3. Shrivastav committee
  4. Jhunjunwala committee



The poverty line is defined as energy expenditure of at least_____ or more required for daily activities per person in the rural area: 

  1. 2100 kcal
  2. 2200 kcal
  3. 2300 kcal
  4. 2400 kcal


Low birth weight for Indian babies is defined (by Indian scientists) as the birth weights less than: 

  1. 2.0 kg
  2. 2.2 kg
  3. 2.5 kg
  4. 2.7 kg



Human Development Index includes following except: 

  1. Infant mortality
  2. Longevity
  3. Income
  4. Knowledge



· So how did you Fare.

· Be Calm, Be Cool, Be Composed.

· Never lose hope.

· That is the advice. Our Subject experts will guide you.

· We wish you Good Luck



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