Tips to Study NEET Mch Surgery 2019.

Tips  to Study  NEET Mch Surgery 2019.

NEET Mch exams are super speciality exams conducted by NBE. Now they are conducted as Online exams rather than paper based .

NEET SS exams are competitive. Lots of MS surgeons want to have Mch tag. Some doctors prefer Mch General surgery, Others prefer more specialised branches like plastic surgery, Neurosurgery, Oncosurgery, Endocrine surgery. 

Mch aspirants are confused as what to read, when to read . They don’t have the liberty of time in their favour.

Standard Text books are too hectic and the number of Mch books in market is very less. This confuses a student further.

Online Examinations are a new trend and highly effective.

Most students preparing Super speciality opt for Online Examinations which are standard.


Basic Tips to remember are:

    NEET Mch exams  are not impossible to pass. Hard work and dedicated effort will

         carry you through

  • Take Each subject and each topic seriously. Never focus on important topics only. Rareties are asked. Questions can be quite tough.

  • Distribute your Time well. We fully know that doctors especially surgeons font have much time at their disposal.

  • In view of less time you should begin in time. Your preparation should in fact start once you are doing your Pg in Surgery.

  • Big Texts and standard Texts should be consulted but one should not try to overdo or read too many books or too lengthy books. Books like Sabiston, Bailey, Schwartz and SDas form the Backbone of Mch Surgery Preparation.

  • The recent trend of Online examinations is of great help to the  Ms Surgeons preparing for NEET SS Programmes.

  • Programmes like Medexamsprepdotcom give the Best Platform for Students to get Higher Ranks and perform Better.

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